Safe Usage of WhatsApp Mod: A Beginner’s Guide

WhatsApp mods have become a popular choice among bored WA users. Loaded with features, these modified versions seem to be more attractive than the official release. Despite its advanced highlights, mod apps are potentially harmful. That’s why getting to know safe usage of WhatsApp mod is a must.

WA mods are unofficially developed and it’s considered illegal. Using this version puts you in a number of risks, such as being suspended by the official WhatsApp, data exposure, and malware threats. If you wish to keep using this tool anyway, learn how to use WA mods safely to minimize the risks.

What Are WhatsApp Mods?

What Are WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp mods are a third-party app designed to replicate WhatsApp. Not only does it replicate the original version, but it also adds some extra features to meet the needs of users. Most WA mods come with basic features and functionalities of the standard version but with improvements.

There are dozens of WhatsApp mods available on the market but none of them are official. Among the most popular choices are GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Aero. Unfortunately, these apps can’t be downloaded on Google Play Store.

Tips for Safe Usage of WhatsApp Mod

Tips for Safe Usage of WhatsApp Mod

Despite the risks, using WA mods is pleasing. If you don’t want to skip the excitement but still want to play safe, the following tips are worth the thought.

1. Avoid using Your Primary Number

Whenever you decide to run modified version of WhatsApp, be sure to register using a temporary number. It’s strongly recommended not to use your primary number in that it is potentially suspended by WhatsApp. However, this means you can’t restore old chats from the original version.

How to get a temporary number? The internet provides you with tons of phone number generators that provide you with random phone numbers. Most of them are valid and ready to use.

2. Read Users’ Review

Doing a little research before downloading a particular WhatsApp mod will do you good. Make time to read reviews both from trusted tech pages and discussion thread. You can find useful information about the app directly from the users.

3. Don’t Use Privacy Features

Majority of WhatsApp mods highlights optimized privacy options. This feature helps keep your privacy and maintain your convenience. However, using this feature can increase the risk of being banned by WhatsApp.

4. Don’t Send Confidential Information

End-to-end encryption is a WA’s top feature, yet it’s not available on most modified versions. Some of them may come with a boast of similar feature but this is not a guarantee that your chats are completely secure.

In order to avoid data leaks or unwanted things, avoid sending confidential information using WhatsApp mods. Instead, use it for talking trivia or have some fun with your friends.

5. Download from Trusted Websites

WA mods can’t be downloaded from Google Play Store, instead you should find a download link of your own. It’s necessary to find a trusted website which provides a safe download link.

Now that you know safe usage of WhatsApp mod, you can make the best out of these apps without putting yourself in a risk. Which one is going to be your favorite WA mod?

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