How To Takedown In Ufc 4 Ps4

Takedowns are a crucial aspect of mixed martial arts (MMA) and mastering them can give you an edge in UFC 4 PS4. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the basics of takedowns and how to execute them in the game.

Understanding Takedowns

In UFC 4 PS4, takedowns involve taking your opponent to the ground and gaining a dominant position. There are various types of takedowns, including single-leg, double-leg, and clinch takedowns. Each takedown requires different techniques and timing, so understanding the basics is essential.

Single-Leg Takedown

To perform a single-leg takedown, you need to grab one of your opponent’s legs and take them down to the ground. You can do this by shooting for their leg or catching their leg when they kick. Once you have their leg, you need to drive forward and take them down.

Double-Leg Takedown

A double-leg takedown involves grabbing both of your opponent’s legs and taking them down to the ground. You can do this by shooting for their legs or catching their kicks. Once you have their legs, you need to drive forward and take them down.

Clinch Takedown

A clinch takedown involves getting close to your opponent and grabbing them around the waist or under their arms. From this position, you can take them down to the ground by tripping or throwing them.

Executing Takedowns in UFC 4 PS4

To execute takedowns in UFC 4 PS4, you need to be in the clinch or striking range. Once you’re in range, you can perform a takedown by pressing the appropriate button combination for the type of takedown you want to execute.

Button Combinations

  • Single-Leg Takedown – L2 + R1 + Right Stick Down
  • Double-Leg Takedown – L2 + R1 + Right Stick Up
  • Clinch Takedown – L2 + R1 + Square or Circle

Tips for Executing Takedowns

Executing takedowns can be challenging, especially when your opponent is trying to defend or counter. Here are some tips to help you execute takedowns successfully:

  1. Set up your takedowns with strikes or feints to create openings.
  2. Time your takedowns when your opponent is off-balance or distracted.
  3. Be patient and don’t rush your takedown attempts.
  4. Use the cage to your advantage by pushing your opponent against it and taking them down.
  5. Practice your takedowns in training mode to master the timing and technique.


1. Can I perform takedowns from the ground?

No, you cannot perform takedowns from the ground. Takedowns require you to be in the clinch or striking range.

2. How do I defend against takedowns?

To defend against takedowns, you need to use the appropriate button combination to sprawl or stuff the takedown attempt. You can also use footwork and movement to avoid being taken down.

3. Can I chain takedowns together?

Yes, you can chain takedowns together by transitioning from one takedown to another or by using a combination of strikes and takedowns. However, chaining takedowns can be risky and requires precise timing and technique. Overall, mastering takedowns in UFC 4 PS4 can give you a significant advantage over your opponents. With practice and patience, you can execute takedowns successfully and dominate your opponents on the ground.

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