How To Distribute Objects Evenly In Illustrator

Distributing objects evenly in Adobe Illustrator is an essential skill for designers. It can save time and ensure that your design looks polished and professional. Here are some tips on how to distribute objects evenly in Illustrator.

Step 1: Select the Objects

To distribute objects evenly, you first need to select them. You can use the Selection tool to select the objects by clicking and dragging over them. Alternatively, you can hold down the Shift key and click on each object you want to select.

Step 2: Open the Align Panel

Next, open the Align panel by going to Window > Align. The Align panel will appear on the right side of your workspace. If you don’t see it, make sure it’s checked under the Window menu.

Step 3: Choose the Distribute Option

In the Align panel, you will see a row of icons at the top. Click on the one that says “Distribute Spacing.” This will open a new set of options for distributing your objects.

Step 4: Choose Your Settings

Under the Distribute Spacing options, you can choose how you want to distribute your objects. You can distribute them horizontally or vertically, and you can choose the spacing between them. You can also choose whether you want to align them to the top, center, or bottom (if distributing horizontally) or left, center, or right (if distributing vertically).

Step 5: Click “Apply”

Once you’ve chosen your settings, click “Apply” to distribute your objects evenly. If you’re not happy with the result, you can undo and try again with different settings.

Step 6: Use the Smart Guides

If you’re having trouble getting your objects to align perfectly, try using the Smart Guides. To turn on Smart Guides, go to View > Smart Guides. With Smart Guides on, you will see helpful guides that show you when your objects are aligned.

Step 7: Practice, Practice, Practice

Distributing objects evenly in Illustrator takes practice. Keep trying different settings and experimenting with the Align panel until you feel comfortable with the process.


  • What if I don’t have the Align panel?

    If you don’t see the Align panel, go to Window > Align to open it. If it’s not listed, try resetting your workspace by going to Window > Workspace > Reset.

  • Can I distribute objects evenly on a curve?

    Yes, you can distribute objects evenly on a curve by using the “Distribute Spacing” options and experimenting with the spacing and alignment settings.

  • Can I distribute objects evenly in a specific shape?

    Yes, you can distribute objects evenly in a specific shape by using the “Distribute Spacing” options and selecting “Align to Key Object.” Then, choose the object you want to align to as the Key Object.

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