How To Use Adobe Reader To Electronically Sign E Signature Pdf Documents

If you need to sign a PDF document, Adobe Reader is one of the most popular and convenient tools available. Here are some steps to follow when using Adobe Reader to electronically sign e signature PDF documents.

Step 1: Open the PDF Document

First, open the PDF document that needs to be signed in Adobe Reader. You can do this by double-clicking on the file, or by opening Adobe Reader and selecting the file from the list of recent documents.

Step 2: Click on the Signature Field

Next, locate the signature field in the document. This is usually indicated by a box or line where the signature should be placed. Click on the signature field to activate it.

Step 3: Create a New Digital ID

If this is your first time signing a document in Adobe Reader, you will need to create a digital ID. Click on the “Sign” button in the toolbar, then select “Add Signature” and “Create a New Digital ID.” Follow the prompts to set up your digital ID.

Step 4: Sign the Document

Once you have a digital ID set up, you can sign the document. Click on the signature field again, then choose your digital ID from the drop-down menu. Use your mouse or touchpad to sign your name in the signature field.

Step 5: Save the Signed Document

After you have signed the document, be sure to save it. Click on “File” in the toolbar, then select “Save As” to save a copy of the signed document. You can also choose to save the document with a different name or in a different location.

Step 6: Verify the Signature

If you need to verify that the signature is authentic, you can do so in Adobe Reader. Click on the signature field, then select “Signature Properties.” This will show you information about the signature, such as the date and time it was signed.

Step 7: Send the Signed Document

Finally, you can send the signed document to the intended recipient. You can do this by attaching it to an email, uploading it to a website, or sending it through a file-sharing service.


  • Can I sign a PDF document without Adobe Reader?

    Yes, there are other tools and software available that allow you to sign PDF documents electronically. However, Adobe Reader is a popular and widely used option that is often included with many devices and operating systems.

  • Can I use a stylus or digital pen to sign a PDF document?

    Yes, if your device supports touch input or digital pens, you can use a stylus or pen to sign a PDF document in Adobe Reader.

  • Does Adobe Reader support multiple signatures on one document?

    Yes, you can add multiple signatures to a PDF document in Adobe Reader. Simply repeat the steps for creating a digital ID and signing the document for each person who needs to sign.

Convenient and easy to useRequires a digital ID to sign documents
Widely available and compatible with many devices and operating systemsMay not be as secure as other signature methods
Allows for multiple signatures on one documentNot suitable for all types of documents or signature requirements

Overall, Adobe Reader is a great tool for electronically signing PDF documents. With these steps and tips, you can easily sign and send documents without the need for printing or mailing. Just be sure to take appropriate security measures to protect your digital ID and signature.

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