How To Make A Polka Dot Pattern In Photoshop

Do you want to create a fun and playful design with polka dots? With Photoshop, you can easily create your own polka dot pattern. In this tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to make a polka dot pattern in Photoshop.

Step 1: Create a New Document

Open Photoshop and create a new document. Set the dimensions and resolution according to your project needs. Once your document is created, create a new layer by clicking on the “New Layer” icon.

Step 2: Draw a Circle

Select the “Ellipse Tool” from the toolbar and draw a circle on your new layer. Hold down the “Shift” key while drawing to ensure that the circle is perfectly round.

Step 3: Add Color to the Circle

Select the “Paint Bucket Tool” from the toolbar and choose a color for your circle. Click inside the circle to fill it with color.

Step 4: Duplicate the Circle

With the circle layer selected, press “CTRL+J” (Windows) or “CMD+J” (Mac) to duplicate the layer. Move the duplicated circle to a new position on the canvas.

Step 5: Create the Polka Dot Pattern

Continue to duplicate and move the circles around the canvas until you have a pattern you are happy with. You can adjust the size and color of the circles as needed. Use the “Move Tool” to reposition the circles.

Step 6: Save Your Polka Dot Pattern

Once you are satisfied with your polka dot pattern, go to “Edit” and choose “Define Pattern”. Give your pattern a name and click “OK” to save it.

Step 7: Apply Your Polka Dot Pattern

To apply your polka dot pattern to a new document or layer, go to “Layer” and choose “New Fill Layer” and then “Pattern”. Select your polka dot pattern from the list and adjust the scale if needed.


What if I want my polka dots to be different sizes?

You can easily adjust the size of your circles by selecting the circle layer and using the “Transform” tool to resize it.

Can I change the color of my polka dots?

Yes, you can change the color of your polka dots by selecting the circle layer and using the “Paint Bucket” tool to fill it with a new color.

What if I want to create a different pattern with my polka dots?

You can experiment with different patterns by adjusting the placement and size of your circles. Try creating a diagonal or scattered pattern for a unique look.

  • Remember to save your polka dot pattern for future use.
  • Use contrasting colors for a bold and eye-catching design.
  • Experiment with different sizes and placements of your circles to create a unique pattern.
Shortcut KeysAction
CTRL+J (Windows) or CMD+J (Mac)Duplicates a layer
CTRL+T (Windows) or CMD+T (Mac)Transform tool to resize an object
CTRL+N (Windows) or CMD+N (Mac)Create a new document

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