How To Split A Path In Illustrator

Paths are one of the most fundamental elements in Adobe Illustrator, and they are used to create shapes and lines. There are times when you might need to split a path into multiple segments, and this tutorial will show you how to do just that.

Step 1: Select the Path

To begin, select the path that you want to split. You can do this by clicking on it with the Selection Tool (V).

Step 2: Choose the Scissors Tool

Next, choose the Scissors Tool (C). This tool is located in the toolbar and looks like a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Split the Path

With the Scissors Tool selected, click on the path at the point where you want to split it. This will create two separate path segments.

Step 4: Repeat as Needed

If you need to split the path into more than two segments, simply repeat the process by clicking on the path with the Scissors Tool at the desired points.

Step 5: Adjust the Segments

After you have split the path into multiple segments, you can adjust each segment individually by selecting it with the Selection Tool (V) and using the Direct Selection Tool (A) to manipulate the anchor points.

Step 6: Join the Segments

If you need to join the segments back together, simply select them with the Selection Tool (V) and choose Object > Path > Join (Command + J on Mac or Control + J on Windows).

Step 7: Save Your Work

Once you are finished splitting and adjusting your path, be sure to save your work by choosing File > Save (Command + S on Mac or Control + S on Windows).


  • Can I split a closed path in Illustrator?

    Yes, you can split a closed path in Illustrator. Simply use the Scissors Tool to cut the path at the desired point, and the path will become two separate segments.

  • What happens to the fill color when I split a path?

    When you split a path in Illustrator, the fill color will remain the same for each new segment. If you want to change the fill color for one of the segments, you will need to select it with the Direct Selection Tool and then choose a new fill color from the Color panel.

  • Can I split a path into more than two segments?

    Yes, you can split a path into as many segments as you need. Simply repeat the process with the Scissors Tool at the desired points along the path.

Now that you know how to split a path in Illustrator, you can use this technique to create more complex shapes and designs. Remember to save your work often and experiment with different tools and techniques to get the results you want.

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