How To Use Zoom Video Filters

With the increasing popularity of video conferencing, Zoom has become a go-to app for many. This app offers many features to enhance the video conference experience, including video filters. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to use Zoom video filters.

Step 1: Launch Zoom App

Firstly, launch the Zoom app on your device. Ensure that you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your device to access the video filter feature. Once you have launched the app, log in to your account.

Step 2: Start a Video Conference

Next, you need to start a video conference. You can start a new meeting or join an existing one. Once you are in the meeting, click on the “Start Video” button to turn on the camera.

Step 3: Access Video Filters

After starting the video, click on the “^” arrow icon located next to the “Stop Video” button. This will display the video filter options. Zoom provides various video filters to choose from, including the popular “Touch Up My Appearance” filter.

Step 4: Apply Video Filters

Once you have chosen a filter, click on it to apply it to your video. You can also adjust the intensity of the filter by using the slider provided on the same page. Once you are satisfied with the filter, click on the “X” button to close the video filter option.

Step 5: Save Changes

After applying the video filter, ensure that the changes are saved by clicking on the “Save” button. This will update your video settings, and the filter will be applied to your video.

Step 6: Turn Off Video Filters

If you want to turn off the video filter, click on the “^” arrow icon, locate the “None” option and click on it. This will turn off the filter, and your video will be back to its normal settings.

Step 7: End the Video Conference

Once you have finished your video conference, click on the “End Meeting” button to exit the meeting. This will save all the settings you have made for the video filter.


  • Can I use video filters on mobile devices?

    Yes, you can use video filters on both Android and iOS devices. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Zoom app installed on your device.

  • Can I use custom video filters on Zoom?

    No, Zoom does not allow custom video filters. You can only choose from the filters provided by the app.

  • Do video filters affect the quality of the video?

    Yes, video filters can affect the quality of the video. Some filters may reduce the video quality, while others may enhance it.

In conclusion, using Zoom video filters is a simple and effective way to enhance your video conference experience. With the above steps, you can easily apply video filters to your video and adjust their intensity. Zoom offers a wide range of video filters to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

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