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Talking about WhatsApp mods could be an endless discussion. The market is flooded with abundant choices that may get you overwhelmed. AZWhatsApp, one of mods available out there, could be a nice bet thanks to advanced features and easy to use tools.

Designed for bored WhatsApp users, this modified version has many things you can’t find on the official app. The developer adds some extra features to upgrade its functionalities and your chat experience. Scroll through and find anything you need to know about AZ WhatsApp.

What Is AZWhatsApp?

AZWhatsApp Updated Version

Named after its developer Ali al-Zaabi, AZ WhatApp is a trending WA mod promising astounding highlights to eliminate the fuss of WA chats. It breaks the boundaries of the original version and instead provides you with a lot of customization.

Compared to the official WA, it’s packed with way more features, such as enhanced privacy options, full customization, and chat security. And yes! This application works similarly to WhatsApp so you don’t have to spend time learning how to work with it.

The APK file size is as small as 50 MB, making it one of friendly applications for your phone resources. It also works well on most Android smartphones running version 2.3.3 or higher. It’s good to know that AZ WhatsApp doesn’t require rooting before installation.

Download AZWhatsApp Latest Version

The developer has released the latest version to optimize your WA experience. The new update features bug fixes, added stickers, and other few improvements.

Click the button below for the latest version of GBWhatsApp. Click on the download link available on the page and install it on your Android. And make sure your phone system meets the minimum requirements.

WhatsApp MOD NameAZWhatsApp
VersionLatest Version
Last UpdatedJune 2022
Size45 MB
Upload byGBMods.Net

Main Features AZWhatsApp

AZ WhatsApp, like majority of WA mods, are loaded with additional highlights. You’ll find basic functionalities like text chat, voice call, video call, and status but each function is upgraded with advanced features. Here goes things you may like about this WA mod.

More Privacy Options

If privacy is your main concern, then this version is made just for you. AZWhatsApp offers better privacy by giving access to set different functionality from double ticks, blue ticks, and typing status. These options, however, are not available on the official version.

Full Customization Support

Customizing your WA experience made simple with AZ WhatsApp. It has a vast library consisting of over 3,000 unique themes to personalize your app. You can also find over 30 new fonts to upgrade your conversations without extra efforts.

Additionally, this app allows you to customize other elements including background, status bar, app icon, and navigation bar.

Don’t Disturb Mode

Sometimes you may want to break from instant messaging but still need to keep up with other apps. Don’t disturb mode could be your favorite feature, with which you can block the internet connection for AZ WhatsApp.

App Lock

Be cautious! Your curious friends might read your WA chats. If you don’t want this, app lock comes in handy to protect your messages. The built-in locker locks your app without the need for downloading a third-party tool. Set a password and get some peace of mind.

Message Scheduler

Message scheduler is one of the best features brought to your table. It is especially useful for busy individuals who want to stay responsive in their communication. Set a schedule and build your message so AZWhatsApp can send it at specified time.

Block Calls

Block calls is already featured on WhatsApp but the mod version offers an improvement—AZ WhatsApp lets you block the callers more elegantly. They’ll never know that they’re blocked because their call status shows ‘ringing’.

Improved Video Sharing

Sharing a large video is almost impossible with WA unless you compress it using another app. Good news for you, this modified version supports a larger video sharing up to 50 MB rather than 16 MB. No more compressing video before sending it.

Disadvantages of AZWhatsApp

This version of WA mod undoubtedly has plenty of useful features for redefined online conversations. But don’t rush downloading this app before you know the following cons.

Lack of Official Website

AZ WhatsApp may be decent but it doesn’t have an official download website. In fact, official website plays a major role in building credibility and trustworthiness so users don’t have to think twice before downloading.

Even worse, this WA mod is not featured on Google Play Store. This means you’ll have to scour the internet to find a trusted source for downloading the application. If you’re not cautious, chances are you visit malicious websites.

Security Risks

AZ WhatsApp is not an official release. Running on a less secure server, your data and information might be at risk. It’s possible for third-party to breach and steal your data or view messages without your knowledge. If security is your main concern, this mod app may be less attractive.

Being Banned

One of the worst risks of using WA mod is being banned from the official version. If you still want to be registered on WhatsApp, you might need to forget this mod app.

How to Install AZWhatsApp

How to Install AZWhatsApp

Before proceeding to the installation process, you’ll first need to enable “install from unknown source” from phone’s Settings. You may also want to back up chats on WhatsApp so it can be restored to the new app.

  1. Download AZWhatsApp APK file latest version above.
  2. Go to download folder and tap to install.
  3. Enter your phone number to login.
  4. Then, choose Backup upon phone registration.
  5. Your WhatsApp mod is ready to use.

Try to launch this app and check if your old messages are successfully backed up. At this point, you can enjoy all the features of AZWhatsApp.

Final Words

This is one of impressive WA mods available on the market. Using this app you can do a lot of things that standard WA doesn’t support, from full customization to enhanced privacy.

Overall, AZ WhatsApp could be a good alternative if you’re fed up with the official version. If you don’t want to take the risks of being banned or breached by third-parties then it’s just not for you.

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