How To Make Discord Channel Read Only Steps

Discord is a popular platform that allows users to communicate with each other through text, voice, and video. It’s often used for gaming, but it can also be used for other purposes like business meetings or social groups. If you’re a server admin, you may want to make certain channels read-only to prevent users from posting messages. Here’s how to make a Discord channel read-only.

Step 1: Open Discord

The first step is to open Discord on your computer or mobile device. If you don’t have Discord installed, you can download it from the Discord website.

Step 2: Go to Server Settings

Once you’re in Discord, go to the server where you want to make a channel read-only. Click on the server’s name to open the server menu, then click on “Server Settings.”

Step 3: Click on Roles

In the server settings, click on the “Roles” tab on the left side of the screen. This will show you a list of all the roles on the server.

Step 4: Create a New Role

To make a channel read-only, you need to create a new role with the necessary permissions. Click on the plus icon next to “Roles” to create a new role.

Step 5: Name the Role

Name the new role whatever you want, but it’s a good idea to name it something like “Read-Only” so it’s clear what the role is for.

Step 6: Edit Permissions

Once you’ve created the new role, click on it to edit the permissions. Scroll down to the “Text Permissions” section and uncheck the boxes for “Send Messages” and “Add Reactions.”

Step 7: Assign the Role to the Channel

Finally, you need to assign the new role to the channel you want to make read-only. Go back to the server settings, click on “Channels” on the left side of the screen, and then click on the channel you want to modify. Under the “Permissions” tab, find the role you just created and assign it to the channel. Now only users with that role will be able to read messages in the channel.


1. Can I make a specific user read-only instead of a whole channel?

No, you can’t make a specific user read-only. You can only assign roles to users, and those roles determine what actions the user can take in a channel.

2. Can I make a channel read-only for everyone except certain roles?

Yes, you can. Instead of assigning the read-only role to the channel, you can assign it to every role except the ones you want to be able to post messages.

3. What happens if a user tries to post a message in a read-only channel?

If a user tries to post a message in a read-only channel, they will receive an error message saying they don’t have permission to send messages in that channel.

4. Can I make a voice channel read-only?

No, you can’t make a voice channel read-only. Read-only permissions only apply to text channels.

5. Can I make a read-only channel visible to everyone, but only allow certain roles to read messages?

No, you can’t. If a channel is read-only, it will be hidden from users who don’t have permission to read messages in that channel.

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