GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Version 2022 Anti-Ban

WhatsApp is likely to be the most used chat platform around the globe. Trusted by millions, this app promises convenient communication through ease of use features. Despite its popularity, many users are migrating to WA mods like GBWhatsApp Pro.

This app and many other modified versions bring feature advancement that makes them more attractive than the official product. However, using WA mod has its own consequences so it’s essential to know what it’s included.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

GBWhatsApp Pro Updated Version

A series of GB WhatsApp mods can be found on the market, providing you with diverse options to elevate your WA experience. GB WhatsApp Pro is designed with additional highlights that are not supported on the official WA with which you can customize your app and conversations.

Let’s mention added privacy options that allow you to communicate without feeling uneasy. It also has powerful customization that most WA users cannot experience on their standard version. There are so many other pluses you can find after installing this app on your device.

When it comes to system requirements, your Android must run at least 4.0 version. Coming with small file size, this freeware won’t consume a lot of resources on your smartphone.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro Latest Version

The latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro has been released a couple days ago. It comes with minor improvements and bug fixes to optimize app’s performance.

If you’re interested to upgrade your WA chat experience, click the download link and install the APK file to your Android device.

WhatsApp MOD NameGBWhatsApp Pro
VersionLatest Version
Last UpdatedMay 2022
Size48.1 MB
Upload byGBMods.Net

Main Features of GBWhatsApp Pro

People are shifting to GB WhatsApp Pro for a reason—it has some extra features. Compared to the original version, it promises more excitement thanks to unlimited customization and many other highlights. Here’s the list for you.

Optimized Privacy

There are times when you feel so bothered with checkmarks featured on WhatsApp—it’s like tracking you. Sometimes you just want to read messages without replying it but the blue checkmark makes you feel uneasy. Don’t worry, GBWhatsApp Pro has got your back.

This mod app has optimized privacy options to make you feel more comfortable. You can hide either blue double ticks, gray double ticks, typing status, or all at once. Now nobody can track your activity on WhatsApp.

Customized Font Style

You cannot change font style on WhatsApp unless you change it from phone’s Settings. If you want to customize WA font style without changing the whole system then GB WhatsApp Pro is made just for you.

Using this app you can easily change the font—simply choose from the library and that’s all. It also supports Arabic, just in case you need to change the font to this alphabet.

Vast Theme Library

Featuring a large selection of unique themes, you can apply a theme of your favorite and make your WhatsApp more stylish. The developer of WhatsApp definitely needs to adopt this function to their official product.

App Lock

If you think someone sneaks into your WA, you don’t need another reason to love this app. It is featured with a built-in app lock which helps secure your chats from nosy friends. Set a password, PIN, or passcode to access your messages.

Chat Unsaved Contact

Starting a conversation to unsaved contact is impossible with WhatsApp. You’re required to save their contact and end up loading your list with unknown people. It’s good to know that WA users who want to get rid of this problem can opt for GBWhatsApp Pro.

Unlike the official version, you can easily start a chat and send messages to any WA user without having to save them on your contact list. It may sound simple but helps you a lot, especially for short-term communication.

Block More Calls

This feature might surprise you but yes, GB WhatsApp Pro allows you to block more calls. While the original app can block up to 3 calls, this mod version allows you to block up to 1,000 calls. This is insanely fantastic!

Your personal account is your authority. Feel free to do anything you want, including blocking unwanted or annoying people.

Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp Pro

So you have decided to download GB WhatsApp Pro and enjoy all the fancy features. But wait! Do you know that it’s unofficial? Do you ever consider the consequences of using WA mod? Consider these things before making a choice.

May Get Banned

Please note that GB WhatsApp Pro is not an official WA. This means the developer doesn’t have the consent to release this version. The worst risk of using unofficial WA is that you may get banned any time. This means you won’t be able to use WhatsApp anymore.

Download Link

GB WhatsApp Pro is available neither on Google Play Store nor official website.  So where can you get the APK file? You can download the latest version of the GBWhatsApp Pro APK file via the link button above.

Slow Updates

Mods are not as excellent as the original version when it comes to updates. You may need to wait for months for the latest updates and it could affect the performance.

As a comparison, WhatsApp constantly releases updates that offer bug fixes and improvements. But don’t worry, because if there is an update from GBWhatsApp Pro, GBMods will update the download link so you can use the latest version.

Final Words

Here comes the hardest part of the review. Is GBWhatsApp Pro worth the download? It could be yes and it could be no depending on your preferences.

This mod has everything you need to have fun with WA chats, from improved privacy options and advanced customization support, to upgraded media sharing and convenience. These advantages are hardly found on the official app.

On the contrary, GB WhatsApp Pro is an unofficial version that may expose you to some risks. From hidden malware on the download link to security issue, you’ll have to be more cautious when using this app.

If you’re seeking a WhatsApp alternative that brings WA’s convenience and extra features, GB WhatsApp Pro is made for you. But if you don’t want to take the risk, you may need to forget it.

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