How To Mention Someone In Imessage: A Polite English Language Tutorial

In today’s digital age, communication has become more convenient and accessible. One of the most popular messaging apps is iMessage, which allows iPhone users to send text messages, photos, videos, and more. But what if you want to mention someone in your message? Here’s a tutorial on how to do it politely and effectively.

Step 1: Open iMessage

Before you can mention someone in iMessage, you need to open the app first. Look for the green message icon with a white speech bubble on your iPhone’s home screen, then tap it to launch iMessage.

Step 2: Start a New Message

Once you’re inside iMessage, tap the “New Message” button located at the upper right corner of the screen. This will open a new message window where you can compose your message.

Step 3: Type the Name of the Person You Want to Mention

To mention someone in your message, you need to type their name in the message field. As you type, iMessage will suggest names based on your contacts. Choose the name of the person you want to mention by tapping it.

Step 4: Use the “@” Symbol

After selecting the name of the person you want to mention, use the “@” symbol before their name. This will highlight their name and notify them that they have been mentioned in your message.

Step 5: Compose Your Message

Now that you have mentioned the person you want to address in your message, you can proceed to compose your message. Make sure to use polite and appropriate language, especially if you are addressing someone in a professional setting.

Step 6: Send Your Message

Once you have composed your message, you can send it by tapping the arrow button located at the right side of the message field. Your message will be sent to the person you mentioned, and they will receive a notification that they have been mentioned in your message.

Step 7: Check Your Message

After sending your message, make sure to check it for any errors or typos. You can also double-check if you mentioned the right person by looking for the “@” symbol before their name. If everything looks good, you can wait for the person to reply to your message.


  • Can I mention multiple people in iMessage?
    Yes, you can mention multiple people in iMessage by typing their names with the “@” symbol before each name.
  • Can I mention someone who is not in my contacts?
    No, you can only mention someone who is in your contacts list.
  • What should I do if I accidentally mentioned the wrong person?
    You can delete your message and send a new one with the correct mention. To delete your message, tap and hold the message, then choose “Delete.”
  • What if the person I mentioned didn’t receive my message?
    Make sure that the person you mentioned is using iMessage and has a working internet connection. You can also try sending the message again or contacting the person through other means.
  • Is it polite to mention someone in iMessage?
    It depends on the context and the relationship you have with the person. If you are addressing someone in a professional setting, make sure to use polite language and avoid using mentions unnecessarily.
  • Use the “@” symbol before the name of the person you want to mention.
  • Use mentions to harass or bully someone.
  • Compose your message using polite and appropriate language.
  • Use mentions to spam someone with unnecessary messages.
  • Double-check your message for errors or typos.
  • Use mentions to address someone in a disrespectful or rude manner.
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