How To Factory Reset Hp Laptop Without Password

Sometimes, you may need to reset your HP laptop to its factory settings due to various reasons such as virus attacks, slow performance, or selling your laptop. However, if you don’t have the password, it can be difficult to do so. In this article, we’ll show you how to factory reset your HP laptop without a password.

1. Backup Your Data

Before resetting your laptop, make sure to back up all your important data such as documents, photos, and videos. You can use an external hard drive or cloud storage to store your data. This step is crucial as resetting your laptop will erase all your data and settings.

2. Restart Your Laptop

To begin the factory reset process, restart your laptop and repeatedly press the F11 key until the recovery mode appears. If your laptop doesn’t have a recovery partition, you can create one by downloading the HP Recovery Manager software from the HP website.

3. Choose Reset Option

Once you’re in the recovery mode, select the “Troubleshoot” option and then choose “Reset this PC”. Next, select the “Remove everything” option to completely erase your data and settings.

4. Wait for the Reset to Complete

The reset process may take some time, depending on the speed of your laptop and the amount of data you have. Once the process is complete, your laptop will be restored to its factory settings.

5. Set Up Your Laptop

After the reset is complete, you’ll need to set up your laptop again as if it were new. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose your language, time zone, and network settings. You’ll also need to create a new user account and password.

6. Install Updates and Software

Once your laptop is set up, make sure to install all the latest updates and software. This will ensure that your laptop is up-to-date and secure. You can also install your favorite apps and programs.

7. Secure Your Laptop

Lastly, make sure to secure your laptop by installing antivirus software and enabling a firewall. You can also create a backup of your data to prevent data loss in case of future issues.


1. Will factory resetting my laptop remove the operating system?

No, factory resetting your laptop will not remove the operating system. It will only erase your data and settings.

2. Can I factory reset my HP laptop if it’s not booting up?

Yes, you can use the HP Recovery Manager software to factory reset your laptop even if it’s not booting up.

3. What should I do if I don’t have a recovery partition on my HP laptop?

You can download the HP Recovery Manager software from the HP website to create a recovery partition on your laptop.

4. Will factory resetting my laptop improve its performance?

Yes, factory resetting your laptop can improve its performance by removing any unnecessary software or files that may be causing it to slow down.

5. Can I cancel the factory reset process once it’s started?

No, once the factory reset process has started, it cannot be canceled. Make sure to back up all your data before starting the process.

Restores laptop to its original stateErases all data and settings
Improves laptop performanceMay take some time to complete
Removes viruses and malwareRequires backup of important data
  • Back up your data before resetting your laptop
  • Use the F11 key to access the recovery mode
  • Select the “Remove everything” option to erase all data and settings
  • Install updates and software after the reset is complete
  • Secure your laptop by installing antivirus software and enabling a firewall
  1. Restart your laptop
  2. Press the F11 key to access the recovery mode
  3. Select the “Troubleshoot” option
  4. Choose “Reset this PC”
  5. Select the “Remove everything” option
  6. Wait for the reset to complete
  7. Set up your laptop

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