How To Create An Event On Discord: A Tutorial

Discord has become a popular platform for organizing events, whether it’s a gaming session, a study group, or a virtual party. If you’re new to Discord, however, you might be wondering how to create an event. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Create a Server

Before you can create an event, you need to have a server on Discord. If you don’t have one yet, go to the Discord website and sign up. Once you’re logged in, click on the plus sign (+) on the left-hand side of the screen and choose “Create Server.” Give your server a name and choose a region, then click “Create.”

Step 2: Create a Channel for Your Event

Next, you need to create a channel for your event. Click on the plus sign (+) next to the text channels on your server, and choose “Create Channel.” Give your channel a name, and choose a topic if you want to. You can also customize the permissions for your channel if you want to restrict who can see or participate in your event.

Step 3: Set a Date and Time for Your Event

Now it’s time to set a date and time for your event. You can do this by sending a message in your event channel, or by creating a new channel specifically for event planning. In your message, include the date, time, and time zone for your event, as well as any other relevant details (like what game you’ll be playing, or what topics you’ll be discussing).

Step 4: Use Discord’s Built-in Event Feature

Discord has a built-in feature for creating events that makes it easy to keep track of who’s attending and when. To use this feature, click on the calendar icon at the bottom of your server’s sidebar, and choose “Create Event.” Fill in the details for your event, including the date, time, and description, and choose the channel where you want your event to be posted. You can also set a reminder for your event if you want to make sure everyone remembers.

Step 5: Invite People to Your Event

Once you’ve created your event, it’s time to invite people to attend. You can do this by sending a message in your event channel, or by using the “@everyone” or “@here” tags to notify everyone on your server. You can also send individual invites to specific people if you want to keep your event more private.

Step 6: Follow Up and Remind People About Your Event

As your event approaches, it’s a good idea to follow up with people who have RSVP’d to make sure they’re still planning to attend. You can do this by sending a message in your event channel, or by sending individual messages to people. You can also set reminders for your event using Discord’s built-in reminder feature.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Event!

Finally, it’s time to enjoy your event! Whether you’re gaming, studying, or just hanging out, Discord makes it easy to connect with people from all over the world. Make sure to thank everyone for attending, and consider planning more events in the future!


1. Can I create multiple events on the same server?

Yes, you can create as many events as you want on the same server. Just make sure to create a separate channel for each event so that people can easily find and join them.

2. Can I schedule events in advance?

Yes, you can schedule events in advance by setting the date and time when you create your event. You can also set reminders for your event so that people don’t forget about it.

3. Can I invite people who are not on my server to my event?

No, you can only invite people who are already on your server to your event. However, you can send them a link to your server and ask them to join if they’re interested in attending your event.

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