Download Netflix MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) New Version

Everybody loves Netflix. This streaming platform offers a lot of awesome movies for all cinephiles around the world. The better news is there is Netflix MOD APK, a much better version than the original version. This Netflix APK gets some modifications from the original form.

Netflix is available in the App Store and Play Store. This app by Netflix, Inc. can be downloaded for free. Unfortunately, not everything in the app can be enjoyed for free. You can access some movies by unlocking the premium version, which means you need to pay for those premium movies.

What is Netflix MOD APK?

Download Netflix MOD APK

Netflix, especially the original version, is a wonderful streaming platform. It was the most popular streaming platform in 2020 with more than 195 million subscribers from around the world. Netflix offers movies and TV shows that are being updated continuously.

This app allows you to browse movies by the titles and stream the movies on your Apple device or Android device. to watch all movies in the app, you need to be a member which means you need to pay every single month. This is a huge problem for those who have no budget for this.

That’s why you’ll need Netflix MOD, it is a modified version of Netflix. This version allows you to watch everything on the platform without spending your money for a subscription.

Features on Netflix MOD APK

Netflix APK is a special streaming platform. Special means there will be various cool features you can find in the app. Below are some features available in the modified version of Netflix. Enjoy them all after downloading and installing them on your Android device.

Countless shows and movies to watch

Netflix is the biggest platform for streaming and it offers incredible numbers of anime, movies, and TV shows. In July 2020, this platform offered 3,781 movies for its loyal users. The number is going up as there are so many shows and movies are added to the platform.

Netflix itself released so many original movies you can find easily on this platform. And if you are using the modified version, all of them can be watched for free on your Android phone or tablet.

Personalized content for each user

Video streaming apps work the same way as music streaming apps, like Spotify. Netflix APK is going to recommend some movies according to the movies you have watched on this platform. It is an excellent feature that allows you to find movies of your favorite genre without spending time searching for them.

Your watching history will be recorded by Netflix so it can find similar movies. Once you’re done watching your favorite movie, tap on the recommended one to watch another one without spending a lot of time searching and choosing the next movie to watch.

Download movies and watch them offline

When you are connected to a WiFi network, Netflix MOD APK allows you to download all shows and movies you desire. Make sure there is enough storage space available in the device so you can keep them all in the internal storage and watch them all when you’re offline.

The downloaded movies can also be watched directly on Netflix. People love this feature since sometimes, streaming doesn’t work well in their area.

High quality movies to entertain you

Netflix understands that you want to watch quality movies in high quality resolution. Netflix Supports 4K videos for those who desire movies with the highest quality. But if you want to save more data, there are movies in standard quality. The resolution can be adjusted anytime.

Easy to use and no ads

There will be no ads bothering your experience in watching your favorite movies on Netflix. Besides, Netflix APK also has a simple interface which means you can use and explore the app easily. Finding your favorite movies is easy to do since Netflix allows you to sort movies.

Various subtitles available

Fans of Korean series, like Squid Game, must get this streaming platform. This platform offers subtitles in various languages. If you don’t speak Korean but want to watch those Korean series, Netflix APK will translate the words for you so you can enjoy every episode of your favorite series.

Download Netflix MOD APK

The original version of Netflix is available to download for free from App Store and Play Store. This version is for those who can afford the subscription. If you want more access to the movies on Netflix but don’t have budget for Netflix subscription, consider downloading Netflix MOD from the link below.

NameNetflix MOD APK
Size27 MB
VersionLatest Version
UpdateMay 2022

Simply click on the link above and you’ll get the Netflix APK file directly on your phone. The next step to do will be installing the app.

How to Install Netflix MOD on Android

How to Install Netflix MOD

If modified Netflix is the very first APK file to be installed on your Android device, keep in mind that there is no need to root your smartphone to install the APK file to your device. However, there is something you need to change before installing the app.

Follow these steps to install netflix mod apk on Android:

  1. Open Settings app in your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Then look for Special App Access and tap on Install Unknown Apps menu.
  3. Search for Downloads app and then tap on Downloads to change its installation settings.
  4. Simply tap on the Allow from this source and you’ll be able to install apps you have downloaded from the web browser.
  5. Now open Downloads and locate modified Netflix files.
  6. Tap on Netflix APK file and tap Install to start the installation process.

Wait until the shortcut of Netflix appears on your device’s home screen. Then launch the app whenever you’re ready to watch your favorite series.

Netflix MOD APK is designed for cinephiles who cannot afford the subscription of Netflix’s original version. This modified version comes with awesome features that will enhance your streaming experience.

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