Spotify Premium MOD APK Download (Full Unlocked)

Music becomes one important part of anyone’s life. Today, we can hear music anytime and anywhere, thanks to Spotify. Spotify is the most famous music player app. This app has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. The good news is, Spotify Premium APK is now available.

Spotify is a free music app that is available on Play Store. Even though users can download it for free, the app contains a lot of ads that will be removed only when the users upgrade their accounts to the premium version. This isn’t fair since not everyone can afford the premium version.

What is Spotify?

What is Spotify

Spotify becomes the most famous music player since this app offers everything to everyone. You’ll find all music, songs, and podcasts in this app. All genres are available, such as rock music, dangdut, pop, EDM, everything is available in this app. Download one app and get all the songs you desire.

With this music app, you can enjoy a playlist, album, and podcasts. Streaming your favorite songs and sharing your playlist are two easy things you can do in Spotify. Users can also stream radios based on any artist or genre. There’s a Data Saver to save your data while streaming the whole album.

Users can also download their favorite contents so they can listen to those songs again and again. Create your own playlist in this app and tap on it when you want to shuffle the entire songs.

Spotify Premium APK MOD Features

Spotify Premium APK MOD Features

Spotify’s founder released this app for so many platforms, including MacOS computers, Windows computers, Android, iOS, tablets, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Linux computers. But the APK version is only available for Android devices. This MOD version carries these amazing features:

Equalizer feature to pick the most perfect sound

Spotify Premium comes with a unique feature named equalizer. This feature allows you to pick the most perfect sound. Use this feature to adjust the high notes and bass level in podcasts or songs. The feature is extremely easy to use.

Once you install the premium APK version of Spotify on an Android device, go to the app’s Settings and then tap on the music quality, that’s where you’ll find the equalizer. Enable it and choose the sound type you desire.

Stop the shuffle on Spotify Premium

The free version of Spotify doesn’t allow you to stop the shuffle feature of the app. Which means you will never know what song is going to be played after your favorite song. Get Spotify Premium for free in the APK file and you will be able to stop the shuffle feature and play the only songs you want.

If you don’t want to spend some real money to upgrade your Spotify account to premium, get the premium APK from the link on this page.

Unlimited skip for the songs you don’t like

Spotify free won’t allow you to skip the entire songs you don’t want to listen to. But Spotify Premium APK lets you skip as many podcasts or songs you are not interested in. Keep skipping until the boring songs are all gone and you find your favorite song or singer.

Save your favorite albums and playlists offline

Spotify’s free version allows its users to save their favorite podcasts and songs. Those songs can be downloaded so users can listen to them later, when there is no internet connection. But the premium app is much better, it allows you to download the entire albums and playlists.

When you’re not connected to the internet, you can listen to your own playlists or your favorite albums for free.

Choose quality before the download begins

A special feature in the free Spotify Premium app is the ability to choose download quality. Higher quality contents mean you need to spend more data and prepare more space in your Android device. Fortunately, the Spotify Premium app allows you to choose lower quality downloads.

But if you have a special Android phone only to play your favorite songs, feel free to download the entire songs, albums, and playlists in high quality. You’ll get a much better experience with this premium app.

All information about the songs is provided

Spotify knows you love to sing with your favorite singer. The Premium APK comes with lyrics for every song you can find in the app. There are also details about the song’s background story, what inspire the songs, and some fun facts about the songs.

The most important thing is, no ads in the Premium app. Explore many other features by installing Spotify Premium for free. Download the app from the link you can find on this page.

Download Spotify Premium MOD APK Latest Version

Download Spotify Premium MOD APK Latest Version

Play Store only provides the free version of Spotify. If you already installed that version but haven’t upgraded your account to premium, consider uninstalling it and downloading the Premium APK. The APK version is equipped with the entire features mentioned above, you can download from the link below.

NameSpotify Premium MOD
GenreMusic & Audio
Size75 MB
VersionLatest Version
UpdateJune 2022

The link above will directly give you the free premium version of Spotify. No need to pay for this app and the entire features inside the app. Just make sure you check on the publisher’s site routinely and see if there is a new update available. The link above is for the latest version of free Spotify Premium.

How to Install Spotify Premium MOD on Android

How to Install Spotify Premium MOD on Android

The installation process is totally easy. Run the File Manager in your Android phone and then find the APK file, it will be in the Downloads folder. Tap on that file and then tap on Install button and wait until your Spotify Premium is successfully installed. Now use the app anytime you want.

Spotify Premium APK has the most updated features. It also has a simple interface so anyone can use it easily. This version offers unlimited saving items and shuffling. No payment is required to get the best music app with no ads but is loaded with so many features.

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