How To Find Hidden Apps On Android

Android devices are famous for their extensive app library. However, some users secretly install apps that they don’t want others to know about. Whether it’s privacy concerns or the fear of being judged, hidden apps are a reality. In this tutorial, we will show you how to find hidden apps on Android devices.

1. Check the App Drawer

The first place to look for hidden apps is the app drawer. Swipe up from the home screen, and you’ll see all the apps installed on your device. If you notice any app with a blank icon or no name, it might be a hidden app. Long-press the app, select “App info,” and uninstall it if you find it suspicious.

2. Use a Third-Party App

If you’re not tech-savvy, you can use a third-party app to find hidden apps. Apps like Hidden Apps Detector, Spyware Detector, and Privacy Scanner can scan your device for hidden apps. These apps will search your phone’s storage and alert you if they detect any suspicious apps.

3. Check Device Settings

Hidden apps can often disguise themselves as system apps. To find these hidden apps, go to your device settings and select “Apps.” You’ll see a list of all the installed apps, including the system apps. Look for any app that you haven’t installed but still appears on the list.

4. Check Downloaded Apps

If you’re still unable to find hidden apps, check the downloaded apps list. Open the Google Play Store app, select “My apps & games,” and then select “Installed.” You’ll see a list of all the apps installed on your device, including the hidden ones. Uninstall any suspicious app that you find.

5. Use a File Explorer

Another way to find hidden apps is by using a file explorer app. Go to the Play Store and download a file explorer app like ES File Explorer. Open the app and navigate to the “Android” folder. Look for any folder with a suspicious name or no name at all. Open the folder and check if there are any hidden apps.

6. Use the Guest Account

If someone else uses your Android device, they might have installed hidden apps in their guest account. To check for hidden apps in the guest account, go to the device settings and select “Users & accounts.” Select the Guest account and check the installed apps list.

7. Factory Reset

If you’ve tried all the methods and still can’t find hidden apps, the last resort is to factory reset your device. Back up all your data and then go to the device settings. Select “System,” “Reset options,” and “Erase all data (factory reset).” This will erase all the data on your device, including the hidden apps.


1. Can I hide apps on my Android device?

Yes, you can hide apps on your Android device. Go to the device settings, select “Apps,” and then select the app you want to hide. Select “Disable,” and the app will be hidden from the app drawer.

2. Are hidden apps harmful to my device?

Not all hidden apps are harmful, but some can be. Hidden apps can collect your personal data, track your location, or display unwanted ads. It’s always best to uninstall any suspicious app that you find on your device.

3. Can I recover data after a factory reset?

No, a factory reset erases all the data on your device, including contacts, photos, and messages. Make sure to back up all your data before performing a factory reset.

Comparison Table

Check the App DrawerEasy and quickOnly works for visible apps
Use a Third-Party AppEffective for non-tech-savvy usersMay not detect all hidden apps
Check Device SettingsEasy to accessMay not detect hidden system apps
Check Downloaded AppsShows all installed appsMay not detect apps not downloaded from the Play Store
Use a File ExplorerEffective for finding hidden foldersMay require technical knowledge
Use the Guest AccountEffective for finding hidden apps in guest accountsMay not detect hidden apps in other accounts
Factory ResetErases all data, including hidden appsExtreme solution

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