BYJU’S MOD APK Download (Full Unlocked Premium) 2022

Today, everything can be done at home thanks to great technology. Learning is now easier by the help of BYJU’S, a learning app that can be installed on mobile devices.  What’s even better is BYJU’S Premium MOD APK that allows learners to learn in a much better way.

BYJU’S is an awesome online learning app. The free trial itself allows the online learners to learn from the best teachers in India. There is also one on one mentoring that is perfect for those who are looking for private learning. Learners can book classes for free on this amazing app.

What is BYJU’S – The Learning App?

BYJU’S is offering personalized learning and video lessons that will help the students learn, understand the concepts, and practice what they learn. All online students can also try a comprehensive tutoring program online by using this BYJU’S app.

BYJU’S covers biology, chemistry, physics, and math for grades 4 to 12. There are also social studies for grade 6 to 8. Students can also use BYJU’S app to prepare for various competitive exams. There are various features in this app to ease the students’ learning.

The modified version of BYJU’S has many more features you cannot find in the original version. Check out the entire features before downloading the app and start online learning.

Features in BYJU’S Premium MOD APK

Download BYJU’S Premium MOD APK

The original version of BYJU’S contains awesome features that you can also find in the modified version. But the features you’ll find in BYJU’S MOD are much better than the ones in the original app that is available in the App Store and in the Play Store. Below are some amazing features you can use.

Online classes

This feature is where you learn from video lessons or personalized learning. The tutoring program is highly comprehensive and is conducted by the best teachers you can find in India. You can also practice what you learn with the available adaptive exercises to make sure you understand the entire concepts.

Revise the learning

There are practice sheets and tests in BYJU’S you can use to revise what you’ve learned. Each chapter available in BYJU’S comes with Race Mode, Sprint Mode, and Warm Up Mode that are all adaptive. Use those modes to enhance your learning quality.

Preparation for exams

To help you prepare for various exams, BYJU’S provides modules that can cover the entire state level boards, CBSE and ICSE syllabus, specifically for grade 6 to 10. BYJU’S also offers complete preparation for NEET and IIT JEE for grade 11 and 12.

Real time reports

Real time reports in BYJU’S will ease you analyze the strengths, progress, and also the areas you need to improve. The reports will help you see if there is something you need to improve and in which area you are already good.

All videos are unlocked

To unlock all video lessons, subscription is required. Or you can simply download BYJU’S Premium MOD APK to unlock all video lessons without paying anything. Enjoy the app and all video lessons for free and get better scores at school.

Screenshot restrictions are removed

In the original version of BYJU’S, students are not allowed to take screenshots so they must pay attention during the lesson. But the modified version allows you to take screenshots of the lessons so you can learn about them later.

Screen recordings are allowed

The modified version of BYJU’S also lets all students record the lesson. The records can be watched again later so students can take proper notes of what the teachers said. If your teacher talks too fast, reduce the speed of the recorded video so you can write everything for future learning.

Many other features can be found in the MOD version of BYJU’S. Some others include cast TV, dark mode that can be applied to the app, and many more. Get the modified version to get the entire features.

Download BYJU’S Premium MOD APK

To download the original BYJU’S, open your App Store in Apple device or Play Store in your Android device. But if you are interested in trying the entire features in BYJU’S, you better get the modified version. Here is the link you can click to get BYJU’S MOD for free.

NameBYJU’S Premium MOD APK
Size96 MB
VersionLatest Version
UpdateJune 2022

How to Install BYJU’S MOD APK Full Unlocked Premium

How to Install BYJU’S MOD APK Full Unlocked Premium

The app you download from the link above won’t be automatically installed on your device. All APK files need to be installed manually or else it cannot be used. If you have BYJU’S from Play Store, it is important to uninstall that original version first before installing this modified version.

After uninstalling the original BYJU’S version, follow these steps to install BYJU’S MOD successfully on your Android device. These steps are extremely easy to follow and there is no need to root your device before the installation.

  1. Open your Android device’s Settings app and then tap on the Security menu.
  2. Look for Unknown sources and tap on it to allow installation APK from web browser.
  3. Open your File Manager and locate BYJU’S you have downloaded from the link above.
  4. Simply tap on that file and then tap Install to start the installation process.
  5. Wait until the app is successfully installed on your Android device.
  6. Once BYJU’S is installed on your phone, tap on it to run the app. And then register or login to use the entire features available in the app.
  7. After logging in, you’ll be able to start learning and use all the features mentioned above.

All students deserve a better learning app. BYJU’S is an excellent app. But BYJU’S Premium MOD APK is a better option since it allows students to take screenshots of the lesson and screen records the teachers while explaining the lessons. Students will get a chance to learn in a much better way.

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