Instagram Plus Download Latest Version 2022 (OFFICIAL)

Instagram is one famous app developed by Facebook that is now available for many devices. You can install this app on Android devices, Apple devices, and even on your Windows. What’s unique is there is Instagram Plus APK that is a development from the original version.

This modified version of Instagram comes with many more features you won’t find in the original version. Insta Plus can do what the original Instagram does. But the features owned by Insta Plus are way more excellent than the ones owned by the original Instagram.

What is Insta Plus?

Download Insta Plus APK

Developer of Instagram Plus developed the original version, added some extraordinary features to create a better social media platform. Basic functions of Instagram can still be found on this Instagram Plus. You can still upload your videos and photos to your Instagram account easily.

Even though it has lots of features, the size of Insta Plus is not as big as the original one. This means you can install this awesome social media platform without wasting the internal memory of your smartphone. Unfortunately, this amazing app isn’t available on Play Store.

Those who are interested in downloading Instagram Plus need to get this app from the web. Insta Plus came in an APK file which means the users also need to install the app manually.

Features Instagram Plus APK

The word ‘Plus’ that is added behind Instagram shows you that the third party developer added lots of additional features to the old Instagram version. Original Instagram from Facebook doesn’t have the features like you’re about to see below. Here are only some features you can find in Instagram Plus.

Download videos, photos, live stream, and stories

The original version of Instagram doesn’t let you download the other users’ photos, videos, and stories. What if you find a hilarious meme and want to save it to your smartphone? Then you’ll need to use Instagram Plus. There is a download button you can tap to save the content to your device.

The download option can be found by tapping the three-button icon on every post’s top right corner. Only by tapping the download button, the content you desire will be saved in the Instagram Plus folder on your Android smartphone.

View profile picture in full size

Another thing that can’t be done by the original Instagram app is allowing you to see the other user’s profile picture in full size. If you’re curious about someone but his Instagram profile is not open to the public, you can check out his profile picture in a clearer look by using Instagram Plus.

Download the Instagram Plus app, login to your Instagram account, and find the one you want to see the profile picture. Then tap and hold the profile picture for about 2 seconds. The profile picture is about to pop up and you will see it more clearly in full size.

Going incognito in viewing the others’ stories

Insta Plus APK allows you to hide yourself when you’re stalking the other user’s stories. When you use the original Instagram platform to view your friends’ stories, they’ll see your name as one of the viewers. This won’t happen if you use Instagram Plus since this app has a unique hide button.

The hide button allows you to view all stories of your friends and the other Instagram users. Even though you have viewed those stories, your name won’t appear on the viewer lists. This makes the others believe you haven’t watched their stories yet.

Allow you to customize Instagram theme

The original Instagram app allows you to apply the system’s theme. If you activate the dark theme, the Instagram app will be dark as well. But if you reactivate the light mode again, your Instagram theme will be white again. Make your Instagram looks more stunning by using Instagram Plus.

Insta Plus has a hundred themes you can choose and apply to your own app. You can also make your own Instagram theme by combining some colors. The themes will color your social media platform and you won’t get bored to check on the explore page of your Instagram.

Copy bios and comments easily

Bios and comments cannot be copied in the original Instagram platform. But the users of the modified Instagram app can copy the other Instagram users’ bios and comments easily and paste them somewhere else. Get the app now and enjoy the entire features above.

Download Instagram Plus APK

Download Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus is available on any site. But you shouldn’t download this app from any random site, especially if you love your phone. Not all the entire sites are free from malwares and viruses. Protect your Android device, by downloading the app from a trusted site, like this one.

NameInstagram Plus
Size25 MB
VersionLatest Version
UpdateMay 2022

If you download this app from a web browser on your PC or laptop, you should move it to your Android device first since this app can’t be installed on any other device but Android smartphone. Once the APK file is moved to an Android phone or tablet, install the application manually.

How to Install Instagram Plus on Android Phone

How to Install Instagram Plus

When you experience “Installation blocked” issue while installing Insta Plus, it means that there is an Android feature that has not been activated. In order for the installation to run smoothly, then you must activate the feature.

Follow the steps below to install instagram plus:

  1. First, open Settings on your phone.
  2. Find for the security settings menu and enable Install unknown applications.
  3. After that, open File Manager and find Instagram Plus app.
  4. Then tap the APK file to install the app.
  5. Wait until the app is successfully installed and then you can login into your Instagram account.
  6. If you can’t login using your Facebook account, try using your email.

After logging in, you can start exploring Instagram, stalking the guy you love, and download all hilarious memes easily. Everything will be much easier with this developed Instagram platform. The app is totally free and you can do whatever you want without installing additional apps.

Instagram is now the most famous social media app. But it has limited features. If you want Instagram with more amazing features, it is time to replace that app with Instagram Plus APK.

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