5 Ways to Make a Tweet Go Viral on Twitter Social Media

Maybe you often read the tweets of netizens who are often discussed by many people and accounts with many followers.

Currently in the world of Twitter, many stories are made through threads on Twitter status.

Threads are serialized stories created by forwarding comments from the author’s previous tweets.

The topics told in the thread are usually about life experiences, tips and tricks, motivations, to spiritual experiences that have been experienced by the author to arouse comments from netizens.

The virality of a thread from an account makes many netizens want to try it because a viral tweet will get a lot of comments and can increase your followers.

Have you ever tried to create a thread, but it failed to go viral? Maybe you pay less attention to these methods.

There are a series of ways to make your tweets go viral quickly, check out the following tips!

Inserting a link in your thread is considered quite important, guys.

Links can help complete the data in your tweets.

According to research from Twitter, links in threads can increase engagement with readers up to two times.

In addition, your followers will likely increase by 17%.

2. Wear Hashtags

Using hashtags or hashtags can also make your tweets go viral faster, guys.

By using hashtags, your tweets become a group with the same topic, and of course, it will make it easier for your tweets to be read by many people.

Twitter also said that hashtags can increase engagement by 100% of users.

3. Tweet a personal story

For those of you who like to chat or use language that is trending on Twitter, maybe it’s time for you to go viral on social media soon.

Yes, because telling your personal experiences sometimes resembles what others feel.

Tweeting personal issues can also create a more intimate impression and ultimately lead to good results.

Quoting from copywritematters, tweets containing personal problems get 2.5 more clicks, guys.

So it’s possible that you can go viral with just a story of personal problems.

4. Tweet timing

There is no prohibition on wreaking at any time, but if you want the tweet to be seen by more people, then you have to pay attention to the time you tweet.

Post tweets in hours that many people think are opening Twitter.

For example, at 9 o’clock in the morning when many people just start their activities, at 2 pm when most people recover from their activities and at 8 pm when people return home.

5. Don’t be too long

As a thread writer, you should also consider the number of sentences you want to write in your story.

You should pay attention to this because many readers or netizens don’t like to read long sentences.

In addition, if you write at length later, it is likely that you will also feel lazy and bored to continue your thread.

So that’s the list of tips and tricks so your tweets can go viral and increase your followers!

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