MX Player Pro APK Download Latest Version [OFFICIAL]

MX Media released two versions of the video player and editor app, its MX Player and MX Player Pro. MX Player is available for free with limited features while MX Player Pro comes with complete features but not free. As an alternative, consider getting MX Player Pro APK.

This APK is an original MX Player Pro app that got some modifications. The modifications added to the app allow the users to get a free app with all Pro features. There is no need to purchase the Pro version to get the entire features since the MOD version has all Pro features for free.

About MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro

For those who really love to watch various videos on their Android device, MX Player Pro is the best app to consider. This app allows users to watch and edit videos at once. The app comes with excellent and strong features. The basic MX Player is loaded with ads that bother the users.

To eliminate those ads, users need to purchase the Pro version. Ad free is not the only feature owned by the Pro version of MX Player that you can’t find in the basic version. Fortunately, those features are available for free in the MX Player APK that has been modified.

The MOD version of MX Player Pro can be downloaded for free, from the link available on this page. About the features, you will find more information from the details below.

Features in MX Player Pro APK

Features MX Player Pro APK

The entire features offered by MX Player Pro that are available in the Play Store can be found in the MOD version. But the price to get this app is as cheap as the basic version: USD 0 or free. The MX Player MOD version has a lot of features to explore. Below are the best ones you can find in MX Player MOD.

A cool app with a simple interface

MX Player has the simplest interface among the other similar video player apps. This simple interface of the app eases the users in operating the apps and buttons in the app. Users can operate this app very easily, even if the users have never used any other video player before.

The interface that is extremely minimalistic attracts so many people to use the basic version and then turn to the MOD version since the basic version is loaded with too many ads.

An app that can be customized easily

Even though this app is extremely easy to use and has a simple interface, the features owned by this app makes the MX Player MOD version cooler than the other video player apps you can find in the Play Store. Users are free to customize the app and adjust the look with the users’ taste.

MX Player Pro APK allows easier organization

The MOD version of MX Player allows all users to arrange and organize their videos in various different folders. If you want everything organized, you’ll love this amazing app that allows you to place all videos in the right place. The app allows you to organize the entire videos in various separate folders.

You can even create a new folder in the MX Player app and then name the folder and file according to your desire. This will really ease you in organizing all your movies and other videos.

MX Player offers a great experience

You will get a greater experience in watching various videos on your Android device. The Pro version of MX Player is going to satisfy you with the interface, buttons, and all features it carries. But the MOD version will give you everything. Get the app and see how wonderful this version is.

Watch movies with subtitles in your language

For users who are not the native English speakers or users who don’t understand English well, the MOD version of MX Player is the best video player app. This app offers subtitles in various languages. Simply choose the subtitle of your language without leaving the app.

If the app doesn’t have the subtitle you need, connect your phone to the internet and MX Player will search the subtitle online. Once the subtitle is downloaded, you can play the movie and read the downloaded subtitle so you can enjoy the movie.

Download MX Player Pro APK MOD Version

MX Player Pro Download

The MOD version will never be available in the Play Store. You can get this app by downloading it from the other sources through your web browser. However, it is dangerous to download APK files from untrusted sources. Make sure you get the MOD version of MX Player APK from the link available here:

NameMX Player Pro APK
Size47 MB
VersionLatest Version
UpdateMay 2022

Unfortunately, the APK file is only available for Android devices which means Apple users can’t use this MOD version of MX Player. Get another awesome video player on your Apple device and enjoy your favorite movie through the best video player.

If you are an Android user, click the download link to directly get the MOD version. Wait until the app is successfully downloaded to your Android device. Then you can start the installation process and watch the best movies on that app.

How to Install MX Player Pro

Unlike the apps you get from Play Store that will be automatically installed on Android phones, APK files won’t be automatically installed on the phone. You need to open Downloads or File Manager and locate the downloaded MX Player MOD APK file. Tap on that file and the installation process will start.

If the installation can’t start, change the settings of your Android phone and allow installation from unknown sources. Then try to reinstall the APK file from File Manager or Downloads.

There is no need to purchase MX Player Pro if you can use MX Player Pro APK. All features of the Pro version can be found in the MOD version. But there is no need to pay to get and taste those amazing features. Just click on the download link above and start watching a movie or editing a video.

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