Adobe Lightroom MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Adobe is a famous name in the photography sector. Adobe develops so many awesome software and apps, for PC and phones. Some of them are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. And now, there’s Adobe Lightroom MOD APK, a developed version of the original Lightroom.

Lightroom comes in two versions, free version and premium version, they’re available on Play Store. The free version comes with limited features. To access the locked features, users need to purchase the premium version. Or simply uninstall the free version and get the modified one.

What does it do?

Download Lightroom MOD Premium

Lightroom has been used by so many content creators who are interested in getting the best photos for a better Instagram feed. With this app, users can make different changes to the values, coloring, visual effects, resolutions, compositions, and the other aspects of your picture.

Adobe Lightroom is equipped with accessible and simple features for the entire users. All users, the pro ones and the newbie will be able to use this app easily. All features that are designed for the PC version are  now available on your mobile phone. There’s no need to prepare your laptop to edit your images.

Use an Android device that is completed with a camera. Take multiple photos in different conditions. Then use Lightroom to optimize the quality of your photos in a much easier way.

Features in Adobe Lightroom MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom MOD

Obviously, the entire features in the free Lightroom app are available in the modified version. The premium features are also available in this app. There is no need to purchase anything or upgrade the app in order to get those amazing features. Some excellent features you can use include:

Exclusive presets you won’t find in the free version

By installing the modified version, you’ll get more than 70 presets created by professional photographers. Those presets will change the look of your photos in a single tap. Simply choose the preset you desire to optimize the look of your images.

There will be various vintage presets, cinematic presets, futuristic presets, and many more preset options. All of them are going to make your photos look much more aesthetic.

Selective adjustment tool to fix your photos

Edit your images easily by using your fingers or stylus. The selective editing tools also include the local tone that will change the saturation and tone of your images precisely. Use the advanced editing tools to bring life to your photos.

Adobe Sensei for smarter organizations

Adobe Sensei is a feature you can find in Lightroom’s premium version. This feature is also available in the modified app. Users will get access to the incredible Sensei that will help you cleverly and effectively organize the photos using tags.

With the presence of intelligent algorithms, Lightroom is going to categorize all the taken images automatically into the tags you desire. With a simple search of a tag or keyword, you can find the images you want, edit them easily, or share them to the other users.

Access and share photos with Adobe Lightroom MOD

Lightroom has advanced experiences in photo sharing. You can share your photos with the other users by the help of Group Album. Use the cloud storage in order to share the photos or invite other users so they can contribute to the album you have prepared.

Lightroom can also enable the cross device synchronizations so you can continue editing on your laptop or PC. Take and edit beautiful images and then put them all to the accessible online storage so you can access them anywhere, anytime.

Everyone can use it for totally free

The amazing features available in the modified app are available for free. Unlike the free version provided by Play Store, this modified version won’t require you to make any in-app purchases. All Android users are free to access those features, presets, filters, and tools.

User interface is extremely easy to use

Adobe Lightroom is designed for everyone. It comes with minimalist and simplicity design so the beginners and the experts will feel comfortable in editing their photos. Every single editing tool is easy to use, simply touch the button to use the tool.

A much better editor than Photoshop

Lightroom, especially the modified version, is a more complete and encompassing editing tool and management tool compared to Photoshop. This one is highly recommended for those who love shooting raw photos. However, each app comes with special extraordinary tools.

Download Adobe Lightroom MOD Premium Unlocked

Download Adobe Lightroom MOD Premium Unlocked

There were various versions of modified Adobe Lightroom. The latest one you can download from the link below. All the features mentioned above have been added to this latest version. Don’t get the APK file from random sites that may harm your phone with malwares and viruses.

NameAdobe Lightroom MOD APK
Size142 MB
VersionLatest Version
UpdateJune 2022

The APK file you get from the link above won’t update itself automatically. You need to update the app manually if an update is available. Make sure to check the update routinely by visiting this page, at least once a month.

How Install Lightroom MOD Premium Unlocked

How Install Lightroom MOD Premium Unlocked

Adobe Lightroom MOD won’t be installed on your Android phone until you tap on the file and confirm that you want the app to be installed on your device. Or follow the method below:

  1. Download the lightroom mod APK file.
  2. Go to settings menu your phone and then select the security settings option.
  3. In the security settings, enable the option “install applications from unknown sources”.
  4. Return to the home smartphone and enter the file manager.
  5. Locate the previously downloaded lightroom mod APK file.
  6. Tap on the lightroom mod application file to install the application.
  7. If the installation process is complete, then open the lightroom mod app.
  8. lightroom mod is ready to use.

Import your photos to Lightroom and apply the presets and filters or use the advanced editing tools to create the best contents ever.

Actually, more than seven amazing features mentioned above are available in Adobe Lightroom MOD APK. Get the app from the link on this page, install the app, and explore the entire features you won’t find in the free version of Adobe Lightroom.

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