How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2022

Verification or a blue checkmark on Instagram ensures that the public can find the correct account when searching for a particular celebrity or influencer. Verified accounts are for “the real deal,” not fan accounts, tribute accounts, fake accounts, or ordinary people who do not have a certain influence.

In an official statement on the Instagram page, the verified account or Instagram verification account is a verified check mark that appears next to the Instagram account name in searches and profiles. That is, Instagram has confirmed the authenticity of the public figure, celebrity, or brand. Instagram does not provide these blue ticks for endorsement needs or endorse certain brands/campaigns.

Verified blue ticks are tools to help people find the real accounts of a figure and a brand. However, this verification is not a symbol to indicate a particular interest, authority, or expertise.

Benefits of Instagram account verified

In addition to ensuring the authenticity of an account, verified Instagram has advantages for its users. Here are the benefits of your Instagram account is verified:

1. Increase the existence of the account owner

This blue checkmark can also be a status symbol to improve your account and yourself. For this reason, confirmation marks often aim to increase accounts on Instagram. You will be more visible than others, whether you upload photos or in searches, even when you leave comments on other accounts, this blue tick will still appear.

2. Increase brand awareness

Not only people but business or company accounts can also get this verification, especially with the increasing prevalence of online buying and selling businesses around the community. Social media, for example, Instagram, can make it easier for customers to find your brand and connect directly.

So that it is not only for a brand promotion place, but it can also be a means of how you describe your brand to the public. Therefore, people can get to know your brand better and easily.

Requirements for verified Instagram

Many think that the main requirement for an account to be considered a verified Instagram is to have many followers. Many accounts have millions of followers but do not have this sign, while those with only tens of thousands of followers are already blue-checked.

Then, what are the requirements for verifying an Instagram account? Here are four essential conditions that you must meet for your account to be verified:

1. Unique

The first condition that must be met is the uniqueness of the account. Of course, this uniqueness distinguishes your account from other Instagram accounts. In addition, there will only be one account per individual or company on Instagram. As a result, Instagram does not review public interest accounts, such as edited photos and images, and accounts that contain only entertainment memes (not companies or celebrities).

2. Authentic

The second condition for a verified Instagram account is authentic or genuine. Original means that the account cannot be an imitation of a particular character or brand. In addition, the content of the post or feed must be your own work and must not be uploaded by others. This allows Instagram to verify the authenticity of your account and avoid scams and crimes that can be committed through fake accounts.

3. Complete data

Next, Instagram will check the accounts that have complete data. You must complete your Instagram account with a unique biography that explains who you are, a clear profile picture, and at least one post on the account. Also, the Instagram account is not allowed to include other social media links. Then, the account must be public and must not be private or locked.

Ways to create an Instagram account verified

If your Instagram account meets the four conditions above, you can start registering for Instagram verification for free. You can quickly get Instagram validation through the Android or iPhone application.

Here are some ways to turn an Instagram account into a verified:

1. Turn your account into Instagram for business

So that you can get Instagram verification, change the type of your account to a business Instagram. This is done to further convince Instagram and your followers that you are a professional figure.

2. Follow the rules specified on Instagram

Remember to follow all the rules. Of course, Instagram doesn’t provide verification marks on accounts that don’t comply with or violate the conditions they set. You can check what restrictions apply on the Community Guidelines Instagram page. Some examples include uploading the original photo you made yourself, including credits and obtaining permission if you want to re-upload someone else’s pictures.

3. Apply for verification

After doing the steps above, you can apply for verification. You can apply or request to get verified on Instagram when you have seen the option in the settings. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Settings or Settings menu
  2. Select and click Request Verification
  3. A form will appear that you need to fill out, including your username, full name, known as (Known As), and category. About Known As, what is meant is what you are known as by followers or the public? For example, as singers, artists, celebgrams, and so on. For categories, select the category you want to represent your account in.
  4. If it has been filled in completely, you are asked to upload a photo of your ID. For accounts owned by individuals, you can attach your identity as an ID card or passport, while for business or company accounts, you can attach official business documents.
  5. Make sure all data is complete and filled in correctly. Make sure to fill in honestly, yes.
  6. Next, you can click the Send or Send button and wait for a reply from Instagram.

4. Wait for the verification process to complete

Instagram will conduct a review process after you submit the application. They will check the compliance with some of the conditions that have been set and the information in the field. Usually, Instagram doesn’t take long, it more or less takes about a week. If the verification application is rejected, you can reapply it through a new request 30 days later.

You need to know those are some of the latest Instagram verified ways in 2022. The verification method described above can help you get a verified mark on your Instagram account in the form of a blue tick symbol. Of course, this symbol can make you more extraordinary and more professionally and reliably seen by others on Instagram.

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