How to Get More Instagram Followers for Free and Real

Instagram has become a viral social media. Many people from various walks of life use Instagram as life support. Through Instagram, it allows users to take and share photos and videos. Then apply digital filters and share them on various social networks.

On Instagram, one can follow anyone’s account or be followed by anyone. Someone’s followers on Instagram are called followers. Having many followers on Instagram is a matter of pride for everyone. Usually, the more famous a person is on Instagram, the more followers they have. In addition to showing how famous someone is, followers can also have an effect on branding an online store account on Instagram. This is because Instagram is often considered an effective promotional medium to offer business products.

However, making an Instagram account known to many certainly requires a struggle. The content created is widely viewed with so many followers who follow automatically. Extensive and actively commenting followers can make someone’s Instagram account highly engaged.

Well, for those of you who want to have many followers without becoming famous first, you can try this method. Here are 9 ways to get a lot of followers on Instagram, summarized by from various sources.

Use the follow-unfollow technique.

Follow an account with many followers, such as the accounts of artists or other figures. After following for a while, unfollow the Instagram account with these fantastic followers again.

This is quite effective because celebrity Instagram followers are usually mostly new accounts looking for followers. Following the account will usually receive a follback or follow back. However, this way to increase followers must be done with a note if you want to follow celebrities.

Not a private account.

So that others can follow you, try not to make your Instagram account private. If you private or lock your account, people won’t be free to see the posts. In addition, they have to wait to be able to follow the Instagram account.

Leaving the Instagram account open will make the upload get a lot of likes and comments from other users. They can like your photos even if they don’t follow the account. This allows uploads to go to the explore feature so that others will see and be interested in following your account.

Increase the posting of exciting content.

Uploading content consistently is essential in managing Instagram. But you also can’t just upload it. You need to consider the quality of content that can attract the attention of potential followers.

Pay attention to prime time for content posting.

Not only is the content’s quality engaging, but the right time when uploading is also very necessary. You should avoid working hours because usually, people will be busy at that hour and not focus on your content and don’t even open Instagram.

By uploading content in prime time or a specific crowded time, your content will potentially be seen by many more people. Likes and comments will be more and more in your content. It will also attract other people to follow your account.

Give an excellent caption.

Photo captions or captions are some of the things that others see. An excellent caption will more easily attract people’s sympathy. Use cool quotes from famous authors or figures to add these characters in hashtags.

Double-check the photo caption, and don’t get a typo or typo. You can also give a question at the end of the caption to invite responses from others.

Maximize the use of hashtags in each post.

Using hashtags or hashtags is one way to increase free Instagram followers. Adding hashtags to your posts can make it easier for others to find the photos or videos you post. Your content will be displayed due to the appropriate hashtag searched by someone.

Connect Instagram with other social media.

Now, Instagram users can connect IG accounts with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Posts and stories you post on Instagram can be shared simultaneously on these platforms. Automatically, your friends can follow you cross-platform.

Like the post in the Explore tab.

The following way is to like the post in the Explorer tab. It is rare for Instagram users to do it because they only consume internet data and waste time.

In addition, this method is quite draining because you have to like more than 100 content to get followers. However, if you do it by relying on WiFi, this method can be done as often as possible to get a lot of followers in a week.

Use a followers-boosting site.

The last way to get a lot of followers you can use a followers-increasing site. These sites offer followers automatically, quickly and easily, such as SocialCaptain,, MegaFollow, and so on.

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