How to Share Telegram ID Easy and Simple

Telegram is one of the chat applications that smartphone users widely use. The Telegram application can easily communicate either personally or in group chats.

In the telegram application, an easy and safe way to add new friends is to share an ID. To do this, several ways to share a Telegram ID can be done.

The steps to share a Telegram ID are also not too complicated. So, anyone can do this pretty quickly. To be more explicit about this Telegram application, some things related to Telegram IDs will be discussed here.

3 Ways to Share Telegram ID Easily

For all of you who are still confused about sharing this Telegram ID, the following admin will convey it in detail so that we can all share it.

How to Share Telegram Account ID

The following are the steps that can be done to share a Telegram account ID. Just take a look at the complete information below.

  1. First, open the Telegram application on the cellphone.
  2. Next, select or tap the menu with the hamburger icon in the upper left corner.
  3. After that, select the settings menu.
  4. Then, in the “Account” section, there will be a username column. The data is used as a personal contact of your Telegram account.

To share the ID, you can put it on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms. You can also place the ID on physical objects such as business cards or other personal data. With the Telegram ID linked to these various social media, others can easily find you on Telegram.

How to Connect Telegram ID on Social Media

Previously it has been discussed that your Telegram ID can be shared via social media. You can see the information below for those who don’t know how to create a Telegram ID link to be placed on social media.

  1. First, open the telegram app and select or tap on the menu.
  2. Then, select “Settings”.
  3. After that, select or tap on the Telegram username section.
  4. You can copy the link by tapping on the link.
  5. Next, open the social media account you want to be given a link to your Telegram ID.
  6. Just paste the Telegram ID link in the personal information section or social media profile and save it.
  7. Finish. Now your followers can access the Telegram ID by clicking on the link.

In addition to sharing on social media, you can also share the link manually through chat applications such as WhatsApp or other platforms. Using this link feature, you can get people to access telegram IDs more easily and quickly.

How to Share Telegram ID in the form of a QR Code

In addition to using the link, you can also share the Telegram ID as a QR Code. The way to do it is not too difficult. Now, look at the following information for those who want to create a QR code from your Telegram ID.

  1. First, go to the Telegram account settings and copy the on your username.
  2. Then, you can open using a browser.
  3. After that, paste the link in the URL field provided on the website.
  4. To set the QR code color, you can select set colors. You can choose a color with a gradient and also a single color.
  5. Next, select “Add Logo Image” and search for the image to upload.
  6. After that, select “Customize Design” to create the appropriate QR code form.
  7. The setting is also a slider to determine the size of the QR code.
  8. When you have finished setting up, select “Create QR Code” to create a QR code.
  9. Wait a bit until the created QR Code appears on the page.
  10. Then, download the QR code. You can set the file name and storage location of the QR code if needed.
  11. Finally, you can share the QR code to various social media or manually via quick chat.

Sharing a Telegram ID as a QR code can be an exciting alternative for those who want a physical approach and promotion, such as using posters, pamphlets, brochures, or business cards.

Get to Know What is an ID on the Telegram Application

Telegram is an application that pays close attention to the security and confidentiality of its users’ private data. This can be seen with a username that can be changed and shared without showing your Telegram mobile number. Well, that username is known as a Telegram ID. The ID has a role as a contact in using the Telegram application.

When sharing the Telegram ID, other users can search and find your contacts more easily in the Telegram application. The person who finds your Telegram account ID can send you a message even if you don’t have and save your mobile number.

This Telegram ID can undoubtedly be used as a powerful way to increase communication relationships so that the reach of new people can be more comprehensive, especially for those who have a business or want to find partners.

How to Create an ID on the Telegram Application

Before sharing it, it’s a good idea to know in advance how to create this Telegram ID. To make it, the method is relatively easy. Here are the steps.

  1. First, open the Telegram app.
  2. Then, go directly to the Telegram settings section.
  3. After that, select the “Username” menu.
  4. Next, as desired, you can fill in the “Your Username” column.
  5. Finally, select the checklist sign.
  6. Finish.

In creating this Telegram ID, several kinds of letters and numbers can be used as desired. However, because the username or ID is unique, it could be that the desired name is not available because other users have used it.

If you enter a username, the application will check whether the name is still available or not. You should automatically look for another name if the name is no longer available.

Creating this Telegram username or ID depends on yourself; its nature is not mandatory. So, if you don’t want to share your Telegram ID with others, you can disable the feature.

Ways To Disable ID in Telegram App

As explained initially, creating and sharing this Telegram ID is not mandatory. So you can choose not to use it or disable the username if you have already created it. Here is how it can be done to re-disable the Telegram ID.

  1. First, go to the Telegram settings and select “Username”.
  2. After that, delete the username and select the checklist button at the top.
  3. Finish. Once the Telegram ID is deleted, others cannot search and find it again in the global search.


That was the information about how to share a Telegram ID and some things related to Telegram ID. By knowing the information, you can learn more about a Telegram ID. Use and utilize those features wisely according to your needs.

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