How to Turn on Instagram Dark Mode iOS and Android

Instagram has a dark mode feature. This feature will darken the background color and turn the text white.

What is clear is that this feature is more friendly to the user’s eyes because it reduces the dominant light. In addition to not making eye glare, this feature is also claimed to save users’ cellphone batteries.

Users who want to implement this feature can follow how to enable dark mode on Instagram below. The method is also relatively easy and can be applied by Android and iPhone users.

How to enable Instagram dark mode

1. Updates Instagram Apps

Users can update their Instagram application first on the PlayStore or the App Store. If the user is still using an old phone and has never updated Instagram, then this feature cannot be activated.

2. Open the Instagram app

Users only need to log in to the Instagram application as usual. Then slide the profile page towards the left, and you will see the Settings menu at the bottom.

3. Set it to Dark Mode

If so, the user must enter the Settings >> Display, after which press the Dark Mode or Dark Mode menu.
If the user uses the Indonesian settings, press Settings, then select Themes, after which the user only needs to choose the Dark option until a check mark appears.

The background color will change to black. In this mode, only the writing becomes bright. That’s an easy way to activate dark or dark mode on Instagram.

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