How to Share Telegram Group Link in 2022

How to Share Telegram Group Links may not be widely known by your application users. Well, a little information, this way, you can more easily invite others to join a group on Telegram.

Telegram is one of the best chat applications available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. In addition, Telegram also offers many exciting features for users, one of which is the Share Link Group.

Interestingly, through this feature, you can invite friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media to join a Telegram group. This method does not need any conditions or supporting applications in any form.

Then Share Telegram Group Link can also be done via Telegram PC or smartphone. Until here, of course, you are starting to be curious about how to share a Telegram Group link. Therefore, look at the complete information below.

As you can see above, Share Telegram Group Links can be done via PC and smartphones. Well, for the first way, we will present a tutorial on sharing Group links via Telegram smartphones. There are no conditions whatsoever to use this feature. You just follow the steps as follows:

  1. Please open Telegram Mobile, then select the Group you want to share.
  2. After that, tap the Group name at the top.
  3. Next, click the Pencil icon to enter the Edit menu.
  4. On the next page, see the bottom, there is an Invitation Link menu. Please click the menu.
  5. After that, tap Share and choose where you want to share the Group link. For example, here, we will share it with a WhatsApp contact.
  6. On the next page, please select the recipient’s contact.
  7. Then the display will switch to the chat page on WhatsApp. Just click the Send icon.
  8. Now the Group link has been sent to the recipient’s contacts. Then the recipient can click on the link to join the Telegram Group.

How to Share a Group Link on Telegram PC

As for Telegram, PC users can also share group links, but you can only share links with fellow Telegram users. Here is the tutorial Share Link Group via Telegram PC:

  1. Launch Telegram Desktop and click on the Group you want to share.
  2. Next, press the icon of the name of the Group.
  3. Click the three dots icon in the upper-right corner and then go to Manage Groups.
  4. After that, click the Invite Links menu.
  5. In the next display, please select the Share Link menu.
  6. Then choose the contact from Telegram as the recipient of the group link to be shared. If so, click Send.
  7. Now you have successfully done a Group Link Share to other users.

How to Join Telegram Groups via Link

Then do you already know how to join a Telegram Group via Share Link? When receiving a Group Invitation Link via Telegram, WhatsApp, or other media, do the following procedures to join:

  1. First, please click on the link received.
  2. In the pop-up that appears, please select Join Group.
  3. Done, now you have successfully joined the Group.


With the Telegram feature that explained above, now you can share a link to invite friends or relatives to join a Telegram Group. In addition, the recipient of the Invitation Link does not need to search for the group, click the accepted Link to join the Group. Easy isn’t it?

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