How to Change Email & Password on Netflix Account

How do I change my Netflix email and password? Check out the full story in this GBMods article.

As we know and know it, Netflix is a streaming media service that provides many entertainment media, such as TV series, movies, documentaries, and so on.

For those of you who have subscribed to Netflix. Some of you may have experienced problems with your Netflix account.

Examples of the problem include the security of the email and password on your Netflix account, which is worried about being compromised later.

Well, for those who want to increase the security of your Netflix account, change your email and password. You can see the following method:

How to Change Netflix Email and Password

  1. First of all, you can visit the official Netflix website. You can access it using a browser on a PC / Laptop.
  2. After successfully logging in to your Netflix profile account.
  3. Next, select your Profile icon in the upper right corner. Then select Account.
  4. Then to change your Netflix account email, you select Change account email. Then for your password, select Change password.
  5. Next, to change the account email, you enter a new email, password, or current password.
  6. As well as enter the Debit or Credit Card card number used for your Netflix subscription.
  7. If you have selected the Save button.
  8. After that, to change your password, enter the current password. Then enter and confirm the new password.
  9. If you have selected the Save button.
  10. Finish.

Thus the article on how to change the Netflix email and password. I hope it helps you guys.

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