Dragon City MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Foods/Gems) Download

Simulation games today are getting more realistic. Basically, those games are created to stimulate the real life activities or the real world. Sometimes, simulation games are completed with animation and sometimes they have the real characters. Try Dragon City MOD APK to experience a unique sim game.

Dragon City isn’t the only simulation game to play. There is Giant Realms, Pocket Frogs, Dragon Mania, The Sims, and so on. All of those games gain so many users. Among the other simulation games, this Dragon City is the best one. It allows you to play online with your friends.

What is Dragon City?

What is Dragon City Mod

Dragon City offers multiplayer modes where you can play online and meet random players. To play this online game, you need to login first using your social accounts. Then you can start developing the best dragon city on various floating islands.

You can also buy assets, buildings, farms, habitat, and protection shelters for your dragons. Players should also train their own dragons so they can win the fights. Many other tasks can be found in this online simulation game. Explore them all by installing the modified version of Dragon City.

Players must collect gems and coins to build the city, buy things, and upgrade the dragon levels. This won’t be an issue if you use the modified version that gives you all the coins you need.

Features Of Dragon City Mod APK

Download Dragon City unlimited money

When you type Dragon City on the Play Store, you’ll find one developed by Socialpoint. Install the app on your Android phone for free. But when you run the game, you’ll see ads and in-app purchases that limit your moves. With Dragon City MOD, everything’s different. Here are some best features you’ll get.

Awesome interface for easy controls

The interface of the modified Dragon City is exactly the same as the original version. This means the mod version has the entire assets owned by the original Dragon City game. You’ll figure out how easy it is to control the game. The plugin controlling this version is easy as well.

All the missions like getting eggs and making dragons, breeding the dragons and enhancing their levels, and also building the city with farms, habitats, and buildings can be done easily in the modified app.

Unlock all dragons for free

There are more than 500 types of dragons you will get in the modified app, all for free. The primary dragons are not the only ones you can get. There are also special dragons that have special skills and abilities. By completing the further missions, more dragons can be accessed.

Players can even create a lot of hybrid dragons. Breed and combine up to 10 different types of dragons to create the hybrid types. The types you can combine include Terra, Sea, Flame, Nature, Ice, Electric, Dark, Netal, Pure, and Legend Types. They all can be combined at the same time.

Everything in the game is unlocked

The MOD version of Dragon City allows you to get limitless access to the entire resources. There is no need to pay to get them all. In the basic version of Dragon City, you need to spend money and time to create some resources. You also need to play for hours and work hard to earn gems and coins.

Download the Dragon City MOD APK and play this modified app to earn infinity resources, gems, and coins. There is no need to spend your real money in order to get those in-game resources. The amounts of gems and golds are endless, use them to purchase the entire assets you need.

Online multiplayer game mode is available

Some modified apps don’t let you play in online multiplayer mode. But this MOD version of the Dragon City game is totally different. Install the app and you’ll be able to play the multiplayer mode with the real online players who also love to play Dragon City.

What about your account security? Modified Dragon City app is an anti ban app which means you can play conveniently without worrying about your account security.

There is obviously no ads

Socialpoint informed its users that the basic version of Dragon City is loaded with ads. To remove the ads, there are two options to choose from. First, pay Socialpoint to remove the ads. And second, get the modified version of Dragon City that is totally free from ads.

Players won’t be charged to remove the ads or to get the entire resources. From downloading the app to removing the ads and using the entire in-app features, everything is free.

Download Dragon City MOD APK

Download Dragon City MOD APK

There are various sites to get the modified version of the Dragon City game. Before downloading from those sites, make sure you check the version offered by those sites. To enjoy the latest features, you should get the latest version of Dragon City MOD. Here is the latest Dragon City MOD to download:

NameDragon City MOD APK
Size135 MB
VersionLatest Version
UpdateFebruary 2022

To check whether there’s an update to the modified app, visit this page and see if there’s a new version available.

How to Install Dragon City MOD

How to Install Dragon City MOD

When you tap the Install button on Play Store, the app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Android phone. But it won’t happen to the MOD APK you download from the link above,you have to change a little settings on your android phone.

  1. First, please download Dragon City MOD apk above.
  2. Then go to your Android Settings section
  3. Then select Security menu.
  4. Next, just enable it in the Allow from unknown sources section.
  5. Then just look for the Dragon City MOD package file that you just downloaded.
  6. ap that file to start the installation.

By installing and running Dragon City MOD APK, you’ll get the chance to play the game with all dragon types you want, all resources to build the city, and no limitation at all. Not a single ad will bother you during the game. Get the modified app now and taste the better experience.

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