Here’s How to Record WhatsApp Audio Calls Easily

This time I will give a tutorial on how to record WhatsApp calls easily and can be automatic.

We often call other WhatsApp users to find out their news and information. However, sometimes we forget what they said, so we are embarrassed to ask back.

Now to keep the conversation accessible for you to remember, you can record your WhatsApp phone calls.

And here are some methods to record WhatsApp calls quickly on Android and iPhone.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls Using Other Devices

There is a simple way to record WhatsApp phones. You can put your other cellphone next to the conversation on WhatsApp and then record the voice of the call.

This method does not require installing additional applications to record WhatsApp phones. Use phone’s built-in audio recorder, then you can instantly record all your conversations.

If there is no built-in app, many voice recorder apps are scattered on the google play store and app store for free. Choose your own according to your wishes.

How To Record Automatic WhatsApp Calls On The Same Phone

You must install the application if you want to record all WhatsApp calls automatically without pressing a specific button.

The application in question is Cube Call Recorder, which you can get on the Google Play Store.

And here are the steps to use Cube Call Recorder to record WhatsApp phone calls on phone automatically.

  1. Download and Install Cube Call Recorder.
  2. After that, open the application.
  3. Next, select the next button and Agree or Agree to all the application permissions.
  4. Also, enable application overlays and so on.
  5. A voice record button will appear floating on your phone.
  6. If you receive a WhatsApp call, it will record automatically by yourself.
  7. Finish.


Those are some ways to record WhatsApp calls directly on the WhatsApp application.

Warning: WhatsApp is a service for conversations and communication between individuals. So beware of the risks if you allow permission to applications outside of WhatsApp.

It’s better to be careful using third-party apps, they could have taken all the activities you did during the phone call.

So here I am more suggested to use Another phone for recording. Or you can also use the built-in recorder if your cellphone supports or can do this.

I hope this information helps you, good luck and Thank you.

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