How to Archive and Unarchive Telegram Chats

One of the messenger applications you can use to send messages is Telegram. This application has been downloaded more than 448k on the Playstore and received a rating of 4.3 on the App Store.

Telegram has many features that its competitors do not, namely WhatsApp. And here are some Telegram features that WhatsApp doesn’t have:

Using more than 1 number
Have a secret chat
Can add proxy servers
Equipped with a wide variety of bots
Share your location directly
Can poll with Poll 2.0
There are versions for PC (both Windows, macOS, and Linux)

In addition to these advanced features, Telegram also has an archive feature. This feature can hide chats from being visible on the main page. So, for example, if you are disturbed because many chats are piled up on the Telegram homepage, you can archive it.

And for this occasion, the GBMods will share a tutorial on how to archive chats on the Telegram application. In addition, we will also discuss how to open an archive in Telegram.

Let’s discuss the tutorial if you don’t know how to.

How to Archive Chats on Telegram

First, we will start discussing how to archive chats on Telegram?

There are two ways you can archive a chat. And for more details, please follow the tutorial below:

1. Swipe Chat to the left

Tap Left To Archive Chat

You need to move the Chat on the homepage to the left, then the Chat will automatically be archived.

2. Select Chat

Select Chat And Tap The Three Dots Icon Then Archive

Please hold for a long time on the Chat to be archived. Then please tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner. Next, it remains only to select the “Archive” option.

How easy is it, isn’t it? Now we proceed to open an archived chat in Telegram.

How to Open Telegram Archive

After successfully creating a chat into an archive. Now we begin to discuss how to open an archive in Telegram? You don’t have to be confused, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please open Telegram first.
  2. Then refresh by holding the finger and sliding it down.
  3. Then it will appear “Release for archive” and release the finger.
  4. After that appears “Archived Chats”.
  5. Tap Archived Chats – How to Open Telegram Archive
  6. Please tap it, and all chats will appear that have been archived.

How to Unarchive Chat on Telegram

Our final guide will cover how to display the Chat on the homepage (unarchive Chat). To do unarchive chats, there are two ways that you can, namely:

1. Swipe Chat to the left

Please drag the chat archive to the left, and an unarchive text will appear. After that, take your finger off.

2. Select Chat

Please select the archive chats that will be unarchived. Tap and durable. Then click the three dots icon in the right corner and select Unarchive.

This is a guide regarding chat archives on Telegram. We’ve already covered everything related to the Telegram chat archive feature.

Starting from how to make chats into archives, then opening chat archives, to unarchive chats on Telegram. Hopefully, the guide and tutorial above can be helpful see you in the next post.

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