How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

Using Instagram social media is indeed being loved by many people, especially teenagers. As with other social media, users can post anything they want, from videos, photos, or text.

For Instagram, put more emphasis on the image and video post feature. So, there are so many people who prefer to post in the form of their photos. When posting something, other users can also leave comments below the post. And we, as users, can also delete comments, and this time there is a way to delete comments on Instagram.

With comments, friends or followers can respond to the photos or videos we upload. All responses can be given by other users, whether it’s good or bad responses. If there is a bad comment, we can delete it to keep our account calm.

How To Delete Comments On Instagram By Yourself

In addition to eliminating scathing comments from netizens, we can tidy up existing comments. Almost every social media site usually adds an eraser feature for comments on every post we upload. This is useful so that there are no hate comments in the comments column.

Suppose we find comments that may not be good or not pleasing to the eye and read. We immediately delete the comment, so the comment column is clean of bad words when you want to delete and don’t know-how. This time, it reviews how to delete comments on Instagram.

  1. Select the photo or video in the post that you want to uncomment.
  2. Tap the caption or view other comments, to see the entirety of the comments.
  3. Select one of the comments you want to delete.
  4. Press a few seconds, and tap the trash/delete button in the top right corner.
  5. Done, the comments will disappear soon.

That’s an easy way to delete existing comments on Instagram quickly. It’s very easy; we need to select the photo or video that will be commented on. Then choose which comments we want to delete, especially those that smell reproachful.

How To Delete Comments On Other Users’ Posts

Above is a way to delete comments that are in our posts. Then, how do we delete comments from other users? This is done to eliminate comments that may be considered unfavorable. Immediately, the following are the steps.

  1. Select a photo or video on a post from another user.
  2. Then tap the caption or see other comments like in the first tutorial above.
  3. Scroll and select one of the comments or multiple at once.
  4. Press a few seconds, and tap the ! in the upper-right corner.
  5. Continue to report spam or fraudulent actions and tap against policies.
  6. Done, the comments will disappear soon.

Well, that’s the way you can use it to remove responses from photos or videos from other users. Quite quickly, from the steps, it looks the same as the one above. Yes, because the feature will appear when you do the steps above.

Are you ready to eradicate ugly and bad-smelling comments? Do the deletion of either our post photos or other users. That seems to be all, an explanation we can give you all. Hopefully, the review above can provide insight for you.

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