How to Download Movies on Telegram Android, iPhone, and PC

A chat application that is no less famous than WhatsApp is Telegram. The application, which has been officially eight years old, always makes it easier for users to send messages online.

But who would have thought this blue application could also be made a means to watch or stream movies? Like movie streaming applications such as Netflix, this application can be made to watch Hollywood movies and famous Korean dramas. Pretty versatile.

But for those curious about how to now, share it immediately. Summarized, here are the ways you can apply to be able to download movies on Telegram via smartphones to computers:

How to download movies on Telegram via Android and iPhone

Surely you didn’t expect that this application is often used to exchange messages and can also be used to watch or download movies? Especially if you like Korean movies and dramas, you can download them for free also on Telegram.

Mainly if you use Telegram to watch movies, this application can be accessed without any ads, you know. Pretty tempting. Let’s say here are the steps to download movies on Telegram via iPhone and Android phones:

  1. Download and open the Telegram app.
  2. After entering the application, find the channel to watch the movie > Click the search icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Type in what movie you want to watch.
  4. If you have clicked the link.
  5. While watching, click the three vertical dots icon at the top right.
  6. Continue by tapping Save to gallery.
  7. The process is complete, and the movie will automatically download.

How to download movies on Telegram via computer or laptop.

The screen on your Android phone or iPhone is not spacious enough? Relax, you can download movies on Telegram on your laptop or computer. The method is also not very complicated, you know. For more information, you can follow the steps as follows:

  1. Download the Telegram app for Windows.
  2. Search for the movie Telegram group. You can try by typing “@sharemovie.”
  3. Look for the movie you want to download on the channel.
  4. First of all, click to watch the movie first.
  5. Click the three verticals icon in the upper right corner of the > Click download to start the downloading process.

It’s pretty easy, right? The way to download movies on Telegram is perfect for those who don’t want to spend subscription funds or subscribe when you want to stream movies. But unfortunately, some of the movies available in this application have relatively low quality. For that, if you want to watch movies of good quality with a broader selection, you can subscribe to Netflix, HBO GO, or Disney Plus.

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