7 Ways How to Download Videos from Twitter

In its first appearance in 2006, Twitter is a social media site categorized as microblogging due to character limitations that can be posted in one tweet. Because of this uniqueness, Twitter has become a platform for sharing images, writings, and videos. It’s just that even so, it turns out that many of us don’t know how to download videos on Twitter.

The video-sharing facility is the latest feature provided by Twitter in response to the rapid demand from users who feel that writing and images can no longer express their voices.

This decision was also welcomed by existing users, attracting new users to use Twitter as a new social media channel. So it is true that, according to the prediction, more and more video uploads are shared and become a new habit that increasingly enlivens this microblogging site.

It’s just that, like character restrictions that can be typed in every status update, the same is true in videos uploaded to Twitter. The duration of the video that can be uploaded is limited to the maximum duration is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. But this duration is still longer compared to one of its competitors, Instagram.

The short length of the video turns out not to be a reason not to be interested in the existing video. This interest is usually done by saving it on a cellphone so that it can be watched at any time or shared through other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and even sent to the Whatsapp group.

But many Twitter users are still unfamiliar with knowing how to download videos on Twitter. This is understandable because, by default, Twitter does not provide a video download feature like those on Youtube. To do this, several ways can be used to download videos on Twitter that can be done using android and iPhone using applications and without applications. This can also be done using a PC that provides more ways.

How to Download Videos on Twitter Without App

Videos on Twitter can be downloaded using the android application available on Play store. But in this opportunity, We will learn how to download videos on Twitter without an application. This method can be done on any device as long as you can use a browser with the help of several sites that provide accessible facilities to save videos from Twitter.

1. Twittervideodownloader.com

Videos on Twitter can be downloaded without an application with the help of video downloader sites such as this one. The cool thing is that this site not only provides those basic features but also gives us the freedom to choose the video resolution to download.

In addition, this site also supports several video formats that can be downloaded from Twitter, such as MP4, 3GP, WEBM, and others.

  1. Open Twitter, then enter the tweet with the video content you want to download.
  2. Then grab the video link/URL, then open the twittervideodownloader.com site.
  3. Click the tweet and copy the link/URL in the browser’s address bar.

2. Twitter Video Downloader

The second way to download videos on Twitter is to use the online tool from the Twdownloader site. Here you will be helped to download videos and GIFs directly from Twitter to be stored on a PC, Tablet, or android phone computer. You must copy the URL or link of the tweet containing the video to the column provided.

After that, the Twdownloader site will work on taking the desired video, and you will be given the option to download it with various video formats and sizes to suit your needs.

3. TWdown.net

This online tool is very well known among Twitter users who want to save videos on a PC or a smartphone. How to use it is pretty easy by simply copying the link of the tweet containing the video to the column provided. How to use it is as follows:

  1. First, open Twitter, then copy the URL/link of the tweet containing the video to be downloaded.
  2. Now visit the twdown.net website to paste or paste the copied tweet link.
  3. After the tweet link is pasted in the column on the twdown site, a choice of video quality will appear that can be downloaded. Choose as needed.
  4. Click the download button provided, or right-click to bring up the Save Link as option to directly save the downloaded video from Twitter to the PC.

The advantage of twdown sites over other Twitter video downloader sites is the ability to convert video formats into MP3 audio files.

4. SaveVideo.me

This online tool provides features for downloading videos from various social media platforms other than Twitter, such as Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, Aol Video, Rumble.com, and Ustream. The process is simple: just pasting the tweet or status link on each social media platform.

Here is how to download videos from Twitter using the help of the online tool from SaveVideo.

  1. Please go to Twitter and copy the URL link or link of the tweet containing the video.
  2. Now visit the site savevideo.me in a commonly used browser, either on a PC or android computer.
  3. Paste or paste the link/URL copied earlier in the field provided.
  4. Select the resolution of the video you want to download by right-clicking on the download button.
  5. Wait for the process of saving the video to complete.

5. Downloadtwittervideo.com

As the name implies, this site also offers a feature on how to download videos on Twitter. Using it is easy, supported by a reasonably attractive website appearance with a blue colour that soothes the eyes.

To be able to download videos from Twitter, it is enough to do it with three easy steps as follows.

Ensure the link or URL of the tweet containing the video has been copied.

Now open an additional tab in the browser to visit
www.downloadtwittervideo.com, then paste or paste the link you copied earlier.

There will be a pop-up asking about the video’s quality to be downloaded and the option to change the video format to an MP3 audio file.

After determining the desired video quality, click the button, and then it will automatically download the video from Twitter. Please wait for it to finish.

How to Download Videos on Twitter Using the App

Downloading videos from twitter can also be done using an application on an android cellphone. This certainly has its own advantages compared to the way without applications as above.

Using an application to download videos from social media platforms has its own practicality because without the need to be complicated by the copy-paste process between browsers. Just copy and paste once, then the downloaded video is displayed as if accessing a gallery.

Here are some applications that can be used to save downloaded videos from twitter.

1. Tweet2gif app

Tweet2gif is an application that you can use to download videos on Twitter using an Android phone. The design is simple with a heavy point on the function so that the appearance still tends to be stiff when compared to various latest android applications.

  1. Please download and install the tweet2gif application from Playstore.
  2. After the application installation process is complete, now open Twitter to retrieve the link or URL of the link from the tweet containing the video you want to save.
  3. Then click the V icon in the upper right corner of the tweet.
  4. Now select the “Copy link to tweet” option.
  5. It’s time to open the tweet2gif application, tap the “Paste” button to paste the tweet link copied earlier.
  6. Now tap the “Download MP4” button, which will automatically start the video download process on Twitter. Please wait for it to finish.

2. Video GIF Downloader for Twitter

This application can be used to download GIFs or motion pictures and videos on Twitter. How to use it is pretty easy because it has a simple appearance, and the design focuses on the download process.

  1. Please download the app and install it via playstore.
  2. Now, open the Twitter application, then find the video you want to download.
  3. Then select the share icon in the lower right corner.
  4. Click the share button, then select the application Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter.
  5. Automatically, the application will open, and next, click the download button to start the process of downloading the desired video.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? Although twitter officially doesn’t allow downloading videos directly. But with the sophistication of technology, there is finally a way to do it, which is done through the browser without applications and with applications.

But as you know, the duration of videos on Twitter is minimal, so only the maximum duration that can be posted is around 2 minutes 20 seconds which for some people is not enough. For that, if you feel bored using Twitter and want to delete the account. Please refer to the article on how to delete a Twitter account easily and quickly.

Hopefully, the collection of recommendations on downloading videos on Twitter that we provided above is helpful and by needs. Please use such means to save positive videos. And finally, we say, may it be useful.

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