Here How to Fix Instagram Direct Messages (DM) Not Working

Not long ago, many complaints about one of the modern social media applications, Instagram. This new Instagram has received many complaints about Instagram DMs, namely, the inability to open Instagram DMs. That way, of course, it won’t be enjoyable. So, you must know how to easily overcome Instagram DMs that cannot be opened properly and correctly.

You certainly want to use the Instagram application smoothly and without obstacles so that the activities in the application will be stimulating. It’s just that no app is entirely smooth. Well, you need a way to overcome it so that you can overcome it when this case occurs.

Easy Ways to Solve Instagram DM Won’t Open

So, looking at the case above, we will discuss how to overcome Instagram DM that cannot be opened easily. That way, it will be easy for you to understand and overcome it.

Easy Ways to Solve Instagram DM not Working

Generally, Instagram DMs that have passed for 48 hours will be difficult to open or can even become empty messages. However, many people don’t know about it, making them claim that it is a problem often encountered on Instagram. Well, to find a way to overcome it, you also have to know the cause first. So you have to consider whether there is one reason for the Instagram DM error.

Easy Ways to Solve Instagram DM not Loading

Here are some easy ways to overcome Instagram DMs that can’t be opened that you can try to do quickly.

Force Close and Clear Data

First, you can go to the settings on your phone and then look for the add-in settings menu. If you have just clicked the additional settings menu, which will take you to the application submenu, Application Management, there is an Instagram application, you click Instagram, select Force stop, and also click Delete data. Finish.

Update the Instagram Application

You also know that every application is experiencing problems, let alone Instagram. When it’s time to update, don’t delay it until you forget it. Do the update as carefully as possible. Updating, it will improve your performance in using the Instagram application.

Account Has Been Blocked

Next, if you still can’t open the DM, let alone send this message, it could be because the DM recipient has blocked you.

Instagram Server Is Down

Next, if you can’t send anything to open a DM in the Instagram application, it can be caused by the server being down. When the server goes down, it will make it difficult for you to use the Instagram application, let alone open or send DM.

Contacting Instagram

Finally, you can overcome the problem with Instagram so that it will be helped to solve it.

That’s an easy way to overcome Instagram DMs being unable to open.

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