How to Hide Who You Follow on Twitter Easily

Twitter is the most delicious social media platform when looking for viral news because it immediately appears on the list. Imagine on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, you can slide one-on-one content until your fingers curl.

By default, the nature of a Twitter account is public for its content so that everyone can see information about your activity and, of course, every tweet. One data that people sometimes don’t want to know may be a list of people who are followed—following/Following the term.

So want to be hidden if you can. And the answer is yes, and it can be protected.

How To Hide Who You Follow On Twitter

  1. Open Twitter as usual.
  2. Access The next is at the bottom left.
  3. Click Settings and Privacy.
  4. Then Privacy and security.
  5. And on the first line, click audiences and tagging.
  6. Turn on Protect your Tweets.
  7. Finish.

Maybe you think, instead of this making the tweets of accounts that were previously publicly visible become protected? And yes, this also eliminates the Following so that others can’t check it.

How about wanting the tweet to remain free to read publicly but follow it and get rid of it? There is a way of outsmarting it. But the effect is to our liking.

Create a list on Twitter

  1. Back on Twitter.
  2. Click the List menu on the left.
  3. Please give it a name and description.
  4. Mark the tick on Make it private. This makes the list of followed accounts only self-viewable.
  5. Add the Twitter accounts you’d like to appreciate here personally.
  6. Finish.

Later, to see tweet updates from special accounts, open the list, the content will be exclusively sourced from the list that has been created.

So later, it can be as if there are two profiles to follow. One is for public consumption, and the other is for the consumption of private secrets. Just right?

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