How to Join a Telegram Group Without The Link

The Telegram chat application is now starting to rival the popularity of WhatsApp. Even though Whatsapp is currently an application that all cellphone users must own.

The WhatsApp chat application has been downloaded more than 1 billion times by users on the Google Playstore. In the Apple App Store, this application is in third place in the category of social networking applications.

But since the latest update of WhatsApp’s regulations will be enforced, many netizens have flocked to Telegram. This had become a viral topic of conversation on social media.

Being a competitor to WhatsApp, Telegram now continues to provide innovation by releasing features that make it easier for its users.

Among these is the group feature that Telegram provides. For those of you who want to join the Telegram group chat, there are several methods that you can do.

Join a Telegram chat group without using a link, you can find the group and join it immediately.

The trick is that you can use sites like as an excellent resource to find the group you want. After opening the site, you can immediately search for groups based on the keywords you want.

If you feel confused, the site also displays a list of groups from several communities that up to 200,000 members can fill.

If you have determined the desired group, you can click the selected group and “Join Group”. But if the group you want is a private group, then you need to use a link.

How to Join Telegram Group Chat Using Link

You can join the first Telegram group chat by sharing a group link. So Telegram provides a link-sharing method for people who want to enter the group chat on its app.

But the main requirement is that you must first have a Telegram account. If you already have it, you want to be able to directly ask for a link to friends who have joined the group.

Then you can click on the link and wait a while to switch to the Telegram group chat page. If so, then you can immediately click “Join Group” to be able to join.

Some time ago, Telegram officially launched one of the new features in its service, namely voice chat. In this particular room, Telegram users can chat with each other directly.

The voice chat feature on Telegram is similar to Discord, commonly used by gamers.

Here’s how to use the voice chat feature in Telegram.

  1. Make sure you already have a group on Telegram consisting of friends, family, or other parties.
  2. If not, you can create a Telegram group first, as usual.
  3. The voice chat feature can only be started or created by the admin of the group in question.
  4. If you are an admin of the group, click the group profile photo.
  5. Then click the dot icon on the right.
  6. Select the ‘Start voice chat option’ option
  7. Then invite the members of the group you want to invite into the room or chat room.
  8. If you are not an admin and want to enter into an ongoing chat.

A special icon will appear at the top of the group, notifying you that the group is having a chat with the voice chat feature.

You have to select the join option, wait a while, and you will join the chat.

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