How to Make a Twitter Thread for Easier Reading

Have you ever read a thread? Initially, Twitter gave tweet restrictions with a maximum of a few characters. This number limit sometimes makes it difficult for users to want to discuss extended topics.

Therefore there is a thread feature that is like a connecting tweet, so it can fit multiple topics. Do you also want to make a similar tweet? How to create a thread on Twitter is not difficult. Check out the following review.

What Is a Thread on Twitter?

Threads on Twitter are continuous tweets, which can also be called threads. Some even call it a tweet or lecture via Twitter because the content is as long as a lecture.

The content of a thread is usually a barrage or sequence of stories on the same topic. If you want to read, you can go from top to bottom. This thread can also be made serialized if you haven’t finished reviewing something, but the time you have is not there yet.

How to Thread on Twitter?

How to create a thread on Twitter is actually relatively easy. Moreover, you can use Android, iPhone, or Twitter web via a browser on a PC or laptop.

For the steps, the first time, you have to open the app, then open a new tweet using.

  1. Button + “Plus”
  2. Then Tweet
  3. Type a word
  4. Tweets

Step 1: Compose the First Tweet

Once you’ve set up a new tweet spot, you must type the first tweet. You can create a title on this earliest tweet, then the words “A Thread”, and so on.

Or you can add photos and videos to explain or give an idea of the events or atmosphere associated with the tweet. If you really don’t have these things, just title it.

Step 2: Then Add a Second Tweet

The next step is to add the following tweet or the second tweet. Just press the “+” button to create additional tweets. It is located in the lower right corner.

If the character limit has been exceeded, it’s a good idea to add the words “continue tweeting after this” or other information so that the reader does not leave the thread.

Step 3: Compose the Last Tweet

The next step is still the same as the second one. First click the “+” button at the bottom right position of the latest tweet. Then just add the story or connection information again.

You can also add the words “connection” so the reader understands that the word is still one discussion or sentence from the tweet above it.

Keep doing it until all the information is conveyed in the thread. If so, also end with a parting sentence or the words “end”, “finished” and others that should contain a notice that the thread is over.

Step 4: Post a Twitter Thread

This fourth step is actually just posting the thread to Twitter. But it should be researched again, if there is something out of topic or indeed someone wants to be deleted, you just click the delete button in the form of a trash can on the bottom side.

Then, after all fix, press the “Tweet all” button to post the thread. If you find someone missing, you can still add more tweets by tapping “add another tweet”.

Tips for Creating a Good Thread on Twitter

Often see people threads that go viral and are retweeted by many people. Did you find patterns in their threads so that they could be read by a large audience? Most of the threads that manage to be famous are those that are relevant to the present, educational, and some other conditions.

After knowing some ways to create a thread on Twitter, it’s time for you to think about how it can be excellent and viral. Curious about how to tips for creating threads on Twitter that are good easily? see the description of the information below.

Intrigue Readers with the First Tweet

The first Tweet will usually contain the title and outline information of the thread. This is very important to pay attention to because of the face of a thread that can make readers want to “click” and read to the bottom.

Try creating a title on the first tweet that is impressive and relates to the current issue. This will make it likely that many people experience a lot. Don’t forget to add curious images or video footage.

Create Tweets That Can Trigger People to Share and Share

The next step is to create a tweet that can trigger people to be able to share and share it with their followers. Present concrete facts that make the reader feel “just found out” and want many others to know.

Don’t forget to add some evidence that can be convincing or tag the party concerned so that more people are reading. Try to find the hottest topic so the thread can enter the issue and exit on someone else’s homepage.

Tell Something Interesting and Useful

As explained above, you should be able to tell something interesting and valuable. But this doesn’t have to look for a theme that people haven’t discussed, it could be the same theme but a different story style.

Look for valuable themes like life hacks that not many people know about according to your experience or unique experiences that have been experienced. Usually, this attracts a large audience because they like the actual one.

Frequently Trying to Create Tweets

Usually, people who only have Twitter but rarely make tweets will be stiff if they want to create a thread.

Stiff here is usually often confused about what word to use, where to discuss it first, or other problems, so it would be better if you get used to it or try to make tweets more often before deciding to create a thread.

If you are used to it, you will find it easier to understand and create your own thread flow.

How Many Threads Can Be Created on Twitter?

Even though there are now threads that allow you to tell exciting things to the end, there are still daily limits that need to be adhered to. One is that you should not make more than 2400 tweets per day.

One thread has a bunch of tweets, so you have to be innovative in calculating them, don’t get overloaded. It is also usually divided within more detailed or smaller limits for each hourly interval. Then be careful with retweets, as this goes in 1 tweet.

How Long Is a Thread on Twitter?

As previously explained that a thread is a collection of tweets. In one day, you are limited to sending only 2400 tweets at a time retweets. Well, you should pay attention to this. The thread length is not specified, but the number of tweets is limited.

So it would be better if every new tweet on your thread was numbered. In addition to avoiding restrictions, it also makes it easier for readers.

That’s an explanation of how to create a thread on Twitter and tips so that the thread is good and read by many people.

Don’t forget to look for the latest topic so that it comes out on the homepage of people who follow the topic. The audience could be interested and read it right away, and bonuses are shared with followers or retweeted.

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