How to Open and Use Telegram Web App on PC or Laptop

Telegram is one of the favorite applications currently widely used by many people to do chat activities.

To do these activities, of course, you can use them via mobile phones and laptops. Telegram users on a computer will make it easier for you to do other activities such as working or studying online. So, your concentration will not be disturbed because you don’t have to open Telegram on your cellphone.

If you want to open Telegram on a laptop, there are two ways you can choose from. First, download the app or open it via Telegram Web. If you want to save space on your laptop storage, using Telegram Web is a great choice.

Here’s how to open Telegram Web on a laptop without having to download additional applications.

  1. Open a browser on a laptop or computer
  2. On the browser page, type the official Telegram page, which is
  3. After opening the page, there is a country option. You have to select the country of origin by using the search.
  4. Next, click ‘Your Phone Number’ and type in the phone number you used when registering for a Telegram account. If so, click Enter or Next.
  5. After entering the number, a pop-up notification will confirm whether the number you entered is correct.
  6. If it feels correct, click Ok.
  7. When you want to confirm your phone number, Telegram will send a verification code to the phone number entered via SMS.
  8. Open the SMS application and copy the 5-digit verification code sent.
  9. Enter the code into the field provided, then click Ok.
  10. If you enter the code correctly, you can already use Telegram Web on your laptop or PC.

How to Open Telegram Web Via QR Code Scan

In addition to doing the method earlier, there is an easier way when you want to open Telegram Web on a laptop or PC. The trick is to scan or scan the QR Code:

  1. Open a browser on a laptop or PC.
  2. Open the Telegram Web page, which is
  3. Once it’s open, swipe to the bottom of the page. On the page will appear the option ‘Log In’ by QR COde. Click the option.
  4. Next, open the Telegram application on your mobile phone.
  5. Open the Settings menu.
  6. Click Devices.
  7. Then, scan the QR Code by pointing the HP camera at the Telegram Web screen on the laptop or computer to confirm logging in to the Telegram Web.
  8. If it works, you can enjoy Telegram Web on Laptop.

The advantage of opening Telegram on a laptop is that you don’t have to activate your phone. So that Telegram Web on a laptop or PC will remain active even if the phone is running out of battery, does not turn on Wifi or cellular data, or there is no signal.

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