Here How to Scan QR Code on WhatsApp Easily

Whatsapp is a critical application for daily life. In the application of Whatsapp, you can do various things. Such as sending text messages, voice, pictures, making phone calls, making statuses, and so on. With the WhatsApp application, long-distance communication has become more accessible.

The requirements to have a WhatsApp account are also straightforward. You only need an active phone number and an internet connection. To connect with other WhatsApp users, you only need someone else’s WhatsApp number used in the WhatsApp application. After that, you can already communicate with him.

How to Scan Someone Else’s Whatsapp QR Code (Barcode)

When you want to contact someone via WhatsApp, you must have a WhatsApp number from that person and save it. This method is straightforward to do. However, there are some cases where we don’t want to keep someone else’s WhatsApp number, but we want to contact that person. One of them is when shopping online.

We don’t want to save the seller’s number when shopping online because it will meet your contacts. But on the one hand, you have to contact the seller. In response to this, WhatsApp finally issued a barcode scan feature. With this feature, users can contact others on WhatsApp just by scanning the barcode from their WhatsApp.

Do you already know how to scan a QR code (Barcode) from someone else? You don’t need to worry if you don’t know it yet. Because on this occasion, I will give a tutorial on scanning someone else’s WhatsApp QR code (Barcode). Here is the tutorial:

  1. First, please open the WhatsApp application on your cellphone
  2. After that, please click the three dots in the upper right corner -> then select settings
  3. After that, on the settings menu, please click the barcode icon located on the right side of your Profile
  4. After entering the QR Code menu, please enter the Scan Code section
  5. Please point your camera until someone else’s Whatsapp Barcode is in the predetermined position.
  6. If the scan is successful, it will immediately open the chat room with WhatsApp. So you can send a message right away.

Yep, that’s roughly how to scan someone else’s WhatsApp QR code (barcode). With someone else’s WhatsApp barcode scan feature, now you can chat the person without having to save the number first. This feature is beneficial for WhatsApp users in starting a conversation with people who don’t want you to keep their numbers.

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