How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter iPhone, iPad, or Android

When using the social network Twitter, it could be that you have encountered a “potentially sensitive content” warning. That’s because Twitter has blocked some potentially sensitive tweets.

The sensitive content that Twitter refers to is content that contains violence or pornography and other illegal things that can harm users or other parties.

By default, Twitter restricts access to sensitive content with warnings, “These media may contain sensitive material,” and so on.

However, you can still see the sensitive content by changing the settings on your Twitter account. Users can turn off these alerts and set the content they can view through their privacy settings.

However, there are still many users who still don’t know how to do it. That’s why has summarized the steps you can take to remove warnings of potentially sensitive content on Twitter.

How to Get Rid of Sensitive Content Alerts on Twitter

To still be able to see sensitive content on your Twitter account, the first step you can take is to log in to Twitter using your account, then the user will be bottomed up to the Home page.

Click the profile photo icon in the upper left corner, then select the “Settings and Privacy” option found in the pop-up menu that appears.

In the next section, select “Privacy and Security” on the available options and then select “Content You View.”

Select the toggle on “Display media that may contain sensitive content” by sliding it to the left.

How to Show “Sensitive Content” in Search

In addition to the sensitive tweets that appear on the Twitter feed, users can also set sensitive tweets in the search menu.

Twitter will usually hide tweets containing sensitive content from the search menu. However, you can still search for it by changing the settings.

The way to do this is to log in to Twitter, and you will be logged into the Home page. Next, click on the profile photo icon in the upper left corner, then select the “Settings and Privacy” option on the menu provided.

Click “Privacy and Security” from the available options, then select “Content You See.” In the next section, choose the “Search Settings” menu, then disable the “Hide sensitive content” menu by sliding the toggle beside it.

This is how you can get rid of sensitive content alerts on Twitter and in the content search menu on your account.

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