Here How to Share a Post to your Instagram Story

Don’t know how to share Instagram posts to stories? Instagram story is a very popular feature and is most used by Instagram users.

Through Instagram stories, besides you can share your daily activities, you can also share other people’s posts and your posts to your Instagram account’s story. Interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, you can share the exciting things your followers also want to know, such as tips, the latest news, artist gossip, aphorisms, funny videos, and so on.

In addition, if you have uploaded the latest post to your Instagram account feed, you can share it to the story so that your followers can immediately know if you have just posted it on your Instagram account feed.

So how to share Instagram posts to Instagram stories Instagram?

Now for those of you who want to share a post to an Instagram story without the need for cape-cape to take a screenshot first or download it, here’s how to share a post to an Instagram story easily:

How To Share Instagram Post To Story

  1. The first step you have to take is to open the post you want to share to your Instagram story.
  2. Press the paper airplane icon at the bottom of the Instagram post.
  3. Then click “Add a post to your story.
  4. You can enter text, stickers, gifs, and others before sharing your Instagram account story.
  5. Please click “Your Story” as shown in the image below, when you are ready to share your story.
  6. Congratulations, you have successfully shared an Instagram post to your account’s Instagram Story.

Now, if someone sees the story you shared, that person can click on the post section and go directly to the post.

That’s how to share Instagram posts to Instagram stories. How it turns out to be very easy and fast is how to repost Instagram posts on stories.

For the locked account, you can still share the account’s posts to your story, but those who can see the story are those who have followed the private account.

The post must be opened first for video posts that cannot be played immediately, and then the video can be watched.

Now that you have finished uploading a new post, you can immediately share it with your story so that your followers can immediately know that you have just uploaded the latest post.

You can also share something that you find exciting and valuable for your followers so that they can see it. Don’t share inappropriate posts.

So if there is interesting info on Instagram, good tips, the latest news, and others, you don’t need to take a screenshot or download it and share it with the story. You can directly share it with your Instagram account’s story.

Why Can’t I share Instagram Posts to Stories?

Why can’t I share a post to a story? If you can’t share feed posts to stories, ensure your Instagram application has been updated to the latest version because it could be that the Instagram application you are using now does not have a feature to share posts to Instagram stories.

Thus a short article on how to share Instagram posts to Instagram stories quickly and easily.

Don’t forget to share this article and leave a comment below if there are any problems. Hopefully, it can be helpful, and thank you.

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