How to Unlink your Instagram Account From Facebook

To delete a Facebook account linked to Instagram that is reversed, you must open Facebook and then you can delete the Linked Instagram application (account). As a user of who does not know between linked accounts, they must find it difficult to remove the connectivity between Instagram and Facebook. It’s different if you want to delete comments or photos, it must feel straightforward, but removing connectivity must feel confusing.

An Instagram account connected to Facebook will make it easier for users to do things. For example, logging in without entering a username and password, finding friends via Facebook, and sharing Instagram photos with linked Facebook accounts. But you must have your reasons why you want to remove the connectivity between Instagram and Facebook.

Since 2018 and since 2018, breaking a Facebook link on Instagram can only be done through Facebook, it cannot be done through the Instagram application. But currently, users can delete Facebook links directly from the Instagram application. Below are two methods you can do via Facebook and Instagram.

1. Deleting Instagram link via Facebook

Because my account is connected to a Facebook page, I did this guide on a Facebook page. You can follow my described steps via a computer browser or the Facebook app. I will explain afterwards for those of you who are connected to a personal account. Here are the steps;

Step 1: First, please log in to the Facebook page you have. Go to the Settings menu on your Facebook Page. Click Settings visible in the lower-left corner.

Step 2: Scroll down, then select the Instagram feature. From the page, you can see the Instagram account connected to the Facebook page. To remove the link, check out Instagram’s Disconnect feature. Click Disconnect.

Step 3: After clicking Disconnect, a pop-up notification appears; Disconnect Instagram Account? Confirm by clicking Disconnect. Wait for a while, and then your Instagram account is no longer connected to the Facebook page.

If sorted, here are the steps;

  1. Please login to your Facebook page.
  2. Select the Settings menu in the lower-left corner.
  3. Scroll down, Select Instagram.
  4. See bottom; Disconnect Instagram, click Disconnect.
  5. Confirm by clicking Disconnect.
  6. Finish.

Please log in to the App and Website features for those who feel that their Instagram account is connected to a personal account. Follow the steps below;

  1. Please go to the Facebook Settings page.
  2. Click this Facebook Settings page link.
  3. Then choose Apps and Websites.
  4. See the Active and Expired applications tab section.
  5. If it looks like Instagram, you can tick it and click Delete.
  6. Finish.

Note: If you encounter a problem, you don’t see the Instagram app or account on Facebook while Instagram is still connected to Facebook. It is better to delete the Facebook link via Instagram by following the second method below. Because it is likely that the latest version of Facebook is still in the development stage and still has many shortcomings.

2. Deleting Facebook links via Instagram

In the first method, the explanation and steps may be pretty complicated because many users also find problems deleting Instagram links via Facebook. Alternatively, you can quickly delete your Facebook link through the Instagram app. Here are the steps;

Step 1: Please open the Instagram app on your own Android or iOS smartphone. Go to the profile page, click on the three-line icon » Select Settings » Accounts » Linked Accounts. You can see your Instagram account connected to another app or social media in that section.

Step 2: To remove the link, click on Facebook. Continue by clicking Remove Link. A confirmation pop-up appears, click Yes, Unlink. Wait for loading for a while, and then your Instagram account is no longer connected to Facebook.

If shortened, here are the steps;

  1. Open Instagram and go to the Profile page.
  2. Tap the three-line icon » and then select Settings.
  3. Select Accounts » Linked Accounts.
  4. Select Facebook.
  5. Tap Remove Link.
  6. Confirm with Yes, Unlink.
  7. Finish.

Instagram users’ questions

Here are some frequently asked questions of Instagram users who feel confused about Facebook links on Instagram.

After the account is disconnected, what do I log in to Instagram?

When your Instagram account has been disconnected, you can log in with your Instagram username, phone number, email and password. I no longer use a Facebook account.

I forgot my Instagram password, how can I log in?

If you forget your Instagram password, you can reconfirm via the phone number or email connected to your Instagram. An Instagram-linked email is usually the same as your Facebook email.

I forgot my email password. What is the solution?

If you forget your email password, for example, Forgot your Gmail password. Then another alternative can be to reconfirm with your phone number. However, if your account is not connected to a phone number, please ask Instagram for help.

Can I delete a Facebook link via the Instagram web?

You can’t. You can only delete the Facebook link through the Instagram application. I have checked via Instagram web there is no option to delete the Facebook link.


By following the step-by-step guide I described above, I think you must have managed to remove the Facebook link on your Instagram account. You can use your username and password and no longer use “Log in With Facebook” to log in or log in to your Instagram account.

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