How to use Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Mobile Phone

It turns out that how to install or open 2 WhatsApp accounts on 1 Android phone without the need to root is very easy, to be able to run two WhatsApp on one cellphone can be done without additional applications.

Not only two, but a Samsung cellphone can install 3 WhatsApp at once with a note that it already has a dual messenger feature to duplicate the WhatsApp application quickly and safely.

Meanwhile, Android cellphone users who do not have a dual messenger feature can take advantage of the WhatsApp business application or can also use parallel space applications and others.

Although it is not always that this parallel space application can run well, sometimes, in some types of cellphones, it cannot even be used. However, please see the following options for those who want to know how to make 2 WhatsApp on 1 Android phone without the need to root.

How To Install or Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts In 1 Android Phone

We are trying to keep updating this article because some applications for WhatsApp clones are no longer usable or have even disappeared from the Google Play Store, one of which is MoChat.

There may be various reasons you want to open 2 WhatsApp accounts on an Android phone, including being able to separate personal accounts from business accounts or maybe online store owners who wish to separate numbers for private chats and chats with buyers.

Note: We are not responsible for any consequences after following the guidelines in this article. However, if you want to be safe and WhatsApp can run more than two accounts, then you should use the WhatsApp business application or the dual messenger feature on a Samsung cellphone.

1. Run a Second Account With WhatsApp Business

  1. Install the WhatsApp business application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Then run it and then register using the new cellphone number.
  3. After the second account is successfully created, it can run simultaneously with the main account, and to access or open it from the home screen page, select WhatsApp Business.
  4. If the account is successfully created, it will be able to be used in conjunction with regular WhatsApp normally.

Can the WhatsApp business app be used for regular accounts? Yes, although indeed for WhatsApp business, some features are not owned by ordinary WhatsApp, such as being able to create a product catalog and so on.

Another difference is that if you use this application when other people look at your WhatsApp profile, it will appear that the account used is a business account.

But for essential functions such as sending messages, video calls, sending documents, setting privacy, removing blue ticks, blocking WhatsApp contacts, and so on is the same as regular WhatsApp.

After creating a WhatsApp business account, you can also open it from a laptop or PC using the WhatsApp web or the WhatsApp for PC application.

So it’s the same as the regular WhatsApp application when viewed from general features.

2. Opening 2 WhatsApp Accounts Using Parallel Space Application

November 2020 update, the Parallel Space application can still be used to run two WhatsApp numbers on one Android phone. Still, something is different, namely having to install two applications and no longer create a shortcut or shortcut to the second WhatsApp icon except upgrade to PRO.

  1. Install parallel space app from Google Play Store.
  2. Run it, and then follow the instructions on the phone screen.
  3. After the application is open, ensure the WhatsApp application is checked and select Add to parallel space.
  4. If requested to install Parallel Space 64-bit, follow it because the cloning process will not run without additional applications.
  5. To add another WhatsApp account, tap the WhatsApp icon (see image above – right), then please create a WhatsApp account with a new mobile number until it’s finished.
  6. After the WhatsApp registration is successful, we can immediately use 2 WhatsApp in 1 cellphone alternately without needing to delete the old WhatsApp account first.

The shortcomings of Parallel Space, unlike in the past, now if you duplicate the WhatsApp application using Parallel Space, you can’t create a shortcut for the second application, so to access the dual WhatsApp, you have to open Parallel Space first.

How to delete the WhatsApp app in Parallel Space?

Info, if you only want to delete the second WhatsApp application, but the account or number intends to remain active, then you delete WhatsApp from the parallel space.

But if you want to deactivate the WhatsApp number, you have to delete the WhatsApp account first, then delete it from the parallel space, and the way to delete it is as follows.

  1. Open Parallel Space.
  2. Hold the WhatsApp icon and then swipe to the delete icon (trash can).
  3. Finally, select Delete.

If the parallel space is deleted, is WhatsApp deleted? Yes, applications duplicated using parallel space will be erased.

But for the original WhatsApp application that was not duplicated, it will still exist or not be deleted.

3. Install Two WhatsApp With Dual Messenger on a Samsung Phone

It is much easier to install two WhatsApp applications on one cellphone for owners of the latest Samsung Android phones such as J7 PRO, A30s, and J6 and others who already have two messenger features.

Just activate dual messenger then you can open WhatsApp using two different numbers, it can even be three if you add WhatsApp business.

As for how to activate dual messenger so that you can open 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 Android cellphone, the method is as follows.

  1. Open the HP settings menu and then select Advanced Features.
  2. Scroll down and choose Dual Messenger.
  3. Swipe right on WhatsApp, and then the question will appear “Install a second copy of WhatsApp?” select Install.
  4. Then close the settings and open the home screen, look for the second WhatsApp icon as shown in the following picture.
  5. To create a second WhatsApp account, tap on the icon then, please create a new account using another cellphone number and follow the steps to completion.

The advantage of the dual messenger feature is that we don’t need to install additional applications that mostly contain ads or even malfunction for a long time. In addition, it is more stable because it is an official feature of the Samsung manufacturer.

How to delete WhatsApp dual messenger on a Samsung phone

  1. Go to settings and then select Advanced Features.
  2. Select Dual Messenger.
  3. Slide the WhatsApp option to the left, then the question will appear “Uninstall the second copy of WhatsApp?” select Uninstall.

Can You Install 3 Or More WhatsApp on One Cellphone?

It could be, for example, using a parallel space and then installing WhatsApp Business. Using a Samsung cellphone equipped with dual messengers, you can install other WhatsApp applications through this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you install 2 WhatsApp on an Android phone, can it be opened from a laptop?

Yes, using WhatsApp web or applications for PC but can only be accessed by one number, which cannot open all accounts at once in one browser.

Is it possible to open 2 WhatsApp accounts on a laptop or PC?

Yes, that is, using a different web browser. For example, the first account is opened from Firefox, then the second account opens from Google Chrome.

So at the same time, you can open 2 WhatsApp web, but of course, the risk is that the laptop or computer will be heavier and heavier because opening two different browsers at the same time often make the PC slow down.

But if it is needed, please try it, which we have practiced before.

Why is there no contact on Samsung dual messenger WhatsApp?

If you find a different contact problem or even a blank WhatsApp contact after activating the dual messenger feature, double-check the contact settings, and make sure not to enable “Use a separate contact list.”

If it has already been done, the solution is first to disable WhatsApp on dual messengers and then reactivate it. Still, you must verify the cellphone number again, like at the beginning of creating a WhatsApp account.

Therefore, before deactivating and then activating it again, make sure the cellphone number used by the list is still active and can receive SMS, if it is lost so that it cannot receive verification SMS, then you cannot register WhatsApp anymore.

Can WhatsApp businesses be duplicated with dual messenger? Currently, it can not, which can only be a regular WhatsApp application.


None of the few applications to duplicate WhatsApp on Android are stable or can work forever.

As we have observed since the first time this article was created, there is already more than one clone app that can no longer be used.

Therefore, what is safer is to use WhatsApp business or activate WhatsApp on Samsung’s Dual Messenger menu if there is one.

Those are some ways to be able to install or open 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same 1 Android phone without the need to root or delete the old number, good luck. If you have any other better way, please share it here. Thank you for visiting.

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