How to View Comments on Twitter and Hidden Replies

How to View Twitter Comments on an Android phone or PC. You are still a beginner in the world of Twitter and don’t know how to see comments on Twitter?

Don’t worry, buddy. This time we will help you learn how to see comments on posts on Twitter via android phones or laptops, though.

Indeed, playing twitter is very exciting. Especially with the distribution of information that flows so fast here makes us feel more at home using it.

But in practice, it turns out that there are still some people who are confused about how to use Twitter, especially in seeing comment replies.

Well, if you are one of them, let’s see our discussion below on how to see comments on Twitter.

How to View Twitter Comments on Laptop

Let’s see more below for those who are still learning to use Twitter and don’t know how to see other people’s comments on Twitter, especially using a browser on a computer.

  1. Open a browser on your PC.
  2. Visit site
  3. Log in if you haven’t already
  4. Search for the post you want to see comments on,
  5. After you found, you can click on the post writing section or the Twitter account name to see more details related to the post. Don’t press the profile photo because it will even go to the account’s profile page, and don’t press it in the picture post section (if any) because it will open the picture instead of the post details.
  6. You will be taken to a new page with details of the post and the existing comments.
  7. You can scroll down to see more comments.

How to View Twitter Comments on HP

If you want to know how to see the comment replies of a Twitter post using a cellphone either Android or iPhone iOS, the details can be seen below:

  1. Open the Twitter app on your Smartphone.
  2. Login.
  3. Find the post you want to see comments on.
  4. Tap on the name of the posting account or right on the post to continue seeing the post details. Don’t tap on their profile or post pictures if you have one.
  5. A new page will open with the details of the post. And at the bottom, you will see other people’s comments on the post.
  6. Just scroll down to see more details of the post.

Why Can’t You See Comments on Twitter?

There are several reasons why we can’t see comments on a post on Twitter. Usually, comments can’t be seen and instead read “This Tweet is unavailable”, “This reply is unavailable”, or “This cited Tweet is unavailable”. As for the cause is.

1. The tweet or reply has been deleted

If you’re having trouble commenting on Twitter that can’t be seen, perhaps one of the most common reasons is that the owner has deleted tweets and replies. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, on Twitter, if tweets and replies have been deleted, sometimes there are traces of the account’s tweets and related replies.

2. The reply has been hidden

Then one of the reasons you can’t see the tweet’s reply is because the tweet owner has hidden the reply that someone replied to. We know that replies and tweets can only be deleted by the owner of the account that created them.

To avoid unwanted things happening on Twitter, a hide reply feature can be used to hide replies to tweets posted by the account owner.

3. The Twitter account has been locked or private

If you see an account retweeting and can’t see the tweet, the chances are that the tweet owner has an account that’s private or locked, and only followers can see replies and tweets from that account.

4. Twitter account blocked

And another reason why you can’t see comments on Twitter is that the poster has blocked your account.

How to View Twitter Hidden Replies

Now to see the comments or replies hidden on Twitter, you can follow our guide below.

  1. Find the post you want to see comments on.
  2. Click on the account name or the post’s post to see the post details.
  3. If you are already on the post details page, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.
  4. A pop-up will appear, and then press the “View hidden replies” option.
  5. There will appear some comments that were previously hidden.

Note: If there are no hidden comments, you will not find the comments.


It’s easy to see comments on Twitter. You can take several steps to see comments in full using your cellphone and laptop. You can also see the comments hidden on Twitter, like the guide we presented above.

Don’t forget to look forward to our other exciting reviews!! How to see the replies of other people’s comments on Twitter android, Litem who is not our friend, with a laptop without an application.

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