Yareel 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Berries/VIP) Latest Version

The Play Store offers various games you can play for free. Some games are designed for anyone but some others are for adults. Yareel for example, is a game that’s designed to be played by adults. Yareel MOD APK is available for players who want to access everything in the game for free.

Yareel is a simulation game that offers a wonderful story. The game is similar to The Sims but this one is like a real dating app. This game allows adult players to interact with the other adult players. They can build a close relationship and end up in a beautiful friendship. Interested in playing this game?

What is Yareel 3D?

Download Yareel 3D MOD APK

Yareel is a gaming utility that is designed for adult Android users. This game is not only about real dating but also about expanding your imagination with the help of its unique gameplay. This game is going to entertain the adult users.

Players of this game can create an avatar and then meet the other real people who also play this game. They can chat with each other and have some virtual dates. Some actions in the game include having a drink together in a bar and doing some adult activities with other players.

Players can choose to be a woman or a man and then choose sexual orientation they desire. Then they can customize the avatar and get the most unique look they want.

Premium Features in Yareel MOD APK

Compared to the other similar simulation games, Yareel is an outstanding option since it has awesome features you couldn’t find in any other game. The APK carries wonderful features that will make you enjoy the game every time you run it on your Android device. Some of those features are:

Create avatar or virtual characters you desire

Avatar is an in game character you can create according to your desire. This is the first thing you should do before you start playing the game. Each player is free to be female or male. They’re also free to choose the avatar’s hairstyle and its color, the avatar’s eye color, and the avatar’s outfit.

All elements can be used for free if you are using Yareel MOD. There is no need to purchase anything since this app version allows you to access anything without paying.

Start building a relationship with another player

Once you’re done creating the avatar, you’re ready to chat with the other players that come from the other side of the world. You can send requests and invite them to play with you. Your avatar can even move from one place to the other place.

Players are free to create their own storyline

The gameplay of Yareel is extremely unique. Each player is free to set a specific storyline according to his desire. Players can create a list of some things they want to do with the virtual partner they have. The game won’t limit players’ behavior and fantasies.

Each player is free to create the most unique storyline with the character or avatar created in the Yareel MOD APK.

Explore adult activities you desire for free

All adult activities can be explored and experienced in this game. Players can even experience the sexual intercourse’s thrill and the other climaxes in this Yareel adult game. Everything is legal in this game, no illegal crime or activity will be charged to players.

Players don’t have to pay

There are no in-app purchases you will find in this game. Everything available here is totally free. All game modes can be created easily and for free in this unique game app. There is no other awesome adult game as this Yareel MOD.

Other awesome features

Some other incredible features you’ll find in this game include 100 free berries, no ads that will bother you in exploring the game, 1000 coins, 250 coins for the daily prize, and bypass VIP membership for all Yareel MOD players.

If you want to know the other features of Yareel, get the app from the download link below and explore the game to see the other features available in this game. The app should be downloaded manually from the link down here. You should also install the game manually.

Download Yareel 3D MOD APK

There are various versions of Yareel MOD. The latest one is version 128, it is the one you’re about to download from the link down here. The older versions are also available but the best one is this latest version. Make sure you get the app only from the link below.

NameYareel: 3D Dating Game
Size28 MB
VersionLatest Version
Last UpdateJanuary 2022

The other sites offer the same Yareel app but you have no idea what’s behind the app or the site. By downloading the file from the link above, you’ll protect your device from any viruses or malwares. After downloading the app, install the app immediately so you can play the game as soon as possible.

How to Install Yareel 3D MOD on Android Phone

How to Install Yareel 3D MOD on Android

Yareel can also be installed on tablets with Android operating system. But it feels better to play this game on your smartphone. Before playing the game, you must first follow these steps to install the Yareel game on your device.

  1. Open your Android phone’s Settings app to change the installation setting.
  2. Scroll down and then tap the Privacy Protection menu.
  3. You’ll see some menus including sensitive actions and other permissions.
  4. Tap on Special permissions to monitor how some apps can use some sensitive permissions.
  5. Then scroll down one more time until you find Install unknown apps, tap on that menu.
  6. Scroll down again and tap on File Manager.
  7. Activate Allow from this source so your Yareel APK can be installed from File Manager.
  8. Now open the File Manager and start installing Yareel.

Yareel MOD APK is what you need if you are an adult Android user looking for a unique simulation game that will help you explore the most attractive storyline. Download the game from the link available on this page and enjoy adult activities in this game.

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