How to Pin Messages in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

One of the proofs of technological advances is that easier it is for information to spread to all corners of the world. The development of communication media makes it easier for humans to get information. No need to bother sending a letter to the post office and waiting for days to get a reply. It is easy to send a letter that only uses a mobile phone and only needs to wait a few minutes to get a reply.

With various technological developments on increasingly sophisticated mobile phones, such as the smartphone you hold, there are also more and more developments in messaging applications that make it easier for people to send news.

With the development of mail-sending applications, the main feature of mobile phones, SMS, is now rarely used. Few people use the SMS feature, maybe only used to collect messages from internet service provider operators or something.

Development of Mail Sender Application

There are tons of mailing apps that you can use on your smartphones, such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Line, and Messenger. And the most popular one used by many people is WhatsApp. Whatsapp is the most widely used mail-sending application today. Almost the same use as SMS. But the difference is that if SMS uses credit as a cost to send messages, here, you only need to use a cellular data package.

And another difference is in the features presented. Whatsapp has unique features that make it easier for us to reply to messages. Although Whatsapp is an android-based messaging application, it is still inseparable from the main features of smartphones, such as contacts. To enter a list of new numbers, you need to access contacts on your cellphone and enter a unique number that will be directly connected to the Whatsapp application.

With the rapid development of Whatsapp users, who have made it the most popular mailing application, now Facebook is paying attention to the development of the WhatsApp application. In early 2021, users received a special notification for the latest update. Surprisingly, there was a Facebook name appendage at the bottom while opening the application.

This update indicates the ongoing cooperation between Facebook and Whatsapp and, of course, with the new policies implemented by Facebook on this application.

How to Pin Messages In Whatsapp Group

Many WhatsApp users are business people who rely on this application as a communication tool. Of course, hundreds of your consumer or friend numbers are stored in the contacts you save. You are confused by the piled-up messages that fill Whatsapp, so there are important messages buried between those message messages.

Whatsapp provides a pin feature that allows you to prioritize a message. That way, the messages you prioritize stay at the top of the list, and you don’t have to worry about messages being hoarded.

How to apply the pin feature in your Whatsapp application? Here’s how to pin a message in a Whatsapp group.

Go to Whatsapp Chat Page

The first step is how to pin messages in a Whatsapp group, you need to enter the Whatsapp application, then enter your chat page.

Select Chat

It would help if you chose which messages you would prioritize. In the pin chat feature on Whatsapp, you can mark a maximum of three chats that you can prioritize. More than that won’t be able to. Mark your message by long-pressing the message you selected.

Select the Pin Chat Feature

If you have marked, the following way to pin messages in the Whatsapp group is to select the pin feature in the top menu bar. The menu bar will appear automatically when you press chat for a while. The pins have a logo in the shape of a wall nail.


The three chats are marked earlier by selecting a chat and applying the pin feature. This message will still be prioritized or will not be drowned out by other messages that have sprung up.

If you already understand how to pin messages in the Whatsapp group and successfully implement the pin chat feature, then you can disable the feature. By selecting and holding the pinned chat, a crossed pin sign will appear in the top menu bar, which means to release the priority on the chat.

Even though they have marked chats with the pin chat feature, sometimes Whatsapp users are confused by messages that are too crowded to appear in groups, so the important messages you want to learn are buried far away and challenging to find. Before that incident happens, you can use the starred message feature.

In addition to how to pin messages in the Whatsapp group, it can also directly mark important messages that are likely to be hit by other messages so that they are challenging to find. How do I implement the starred messaging feature?

Here’s how to implement the starred messaging feature

Select Message

First, you need to enter the group or chat, then mark some messages that are important by pressing and holding until the menu bar appears at the top.

Select Starred Message Options

Then you can select the star-shaped option in the displayed menu bar.


Messages you categorize as starred messages can be reaccessed without the hassle by pressing settings or a three-dot in the upper right corner. Then select starred messages. In the starred messages menu, you can look back at the messages you have marked, even if there are a lot of messages in your group or chat.

How To Pin Messages In Whatsapp Group iPhone Version

Some of you may use the type of iPhone with slightly different features and settings than Android. Including embedding Whatsapp messages or implementing the pin chat feature. The Version of Whatsapp on iPhone is somewhat different from Whatsapp on Android. Then how to pin a message on iPhone?

Here’s how to pin messages in the iPhone version of the Whatsapp group

  1. Go to the chat page. The first step you do is to enter your chat page.
  2. Select the message. Select the message that you want to pin or prioritize.
  3. Swipe the message to the right. This is the difference between embedding messages on iPhone and Android, you have to swipe right of the message to bring up the menu bar.
  4. Select Pin. The chat pin option on the iPhone is the same as on Android, which is in the form of a wall nail, and the chat you choose is already prioritized.

How to pin messages in a Whatsapp group is straightforward, but some people don’t know or know but are lazy to use it. Various experiences, such as important messages that are illegible or difficult to find because messages accumulate, teach a lesson that the developer provides every feature. No matter how small it is, it is very useful to help us and facilitate the activity of sending messages.

What are some of the experiences in sending letters that you have experienced? Write it in the comment section.

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